September 1st, 2005


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Hi, is this the line for the train?

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Out of the goodness of their heart, they were giving 20K influence to new people. That was really nice. So, of course, I waited in line with my Scrapper, Mystery Marrow. He's the one in the brown and yellow outfit with the hood.
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a story/bug i have to share

some of you that were on the LJ channel earlier might have heard this already.

I was hopping thru Crotoa with my 37 blaster looking around at all the new stuff (i only went there on the test server like twice) and stopping occasionally to talk with people on broadcast and whatnot.
Well, there's not much that would attack me and cause me too much trouble if I wasn't paying attention to where I was, so i didn't think i'd have and troubles starting to type and talk to people in the middle of a super jump... Well, as i land i'm still chatting and not paying attenion to my surroundings and all of a sudden I see a boulder fly by my head. Don't really think much of it at first and continue chatting.. then another boulder flys by me.. I look around and what do i find attacking me?? A level 1 (as in ONE) Animated Stone throwing rocks at me.
Now, did I miss something in the update? are the creatures in Crotoa suppose to be able to conjure animated stones, level ones at that, who can be aggroed by a hero 36 levels higher than him? Yeah, I didn't think so.
Guess he just didn't like me invading his person space.

and yeah, i was able to attack him too.. poor little guy hardly put up a fight, but I'd give him the bravery badge any day.
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Fun mission

Mission in Croatoa:

The contact Buck Salinger's last mission is "Protect the Henge." The trick to it is all three mystics must reach the stones at the same time. Just FYI in case you happen to be tearing your hair out while waiting for a GM to respond to your petition, like my team was.
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I5 Report

I played on I5 for about an hour last night; a door mission to Oranbega to recover a large stack of overdue magical books the Circle of Thorns was hoarding. None of my friends were available and online, so I went in alone... a level 27 broadsword/super reflexes scrapper against the massed might of the Circle's mystics.
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Moonfire TF bug warning

Last night, Cinnamon Chicle and various allies decided to do the Moonfire TF last night. One one of the latter missions ("Rescue Dr.Todd"), you have to escort the lady to the exit. Unfortunately, she didn't budge. We ran around trying to find any stragglers that may be causing her to stay put and couldng find any. We tried to TP her and she didn't budge. Ultimately, we bugged it and waited around for a nice GM to help us out of the jam.  While we were waiting the GM to come, the scrapper on the team decided try to push the good doctor towards the exit.  Well, 15 minutes later, and she's moved 20 feet.  The GM finally contacted us and helps us out. But I think he and other fellow GMs had a good laugh siting there and watching us try to push teh good doctor around out of boredom. It's not like it was gonna work since there is no way to push her up the stairs.

You know, for someone who needed saving, she sure didn't seem like she wanted to leave!!

In any case, the GMs were happy with us since we found an icky bug for them, and they cleared the mission for us. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Issue Five initial impressions.

Last night, after creating a couple of new alts on Defiant (TA/A Def, Mind/Sonic Con), I did some missions against Crey on Tenacious with my level 40 DM/DA scrapper.

The increased base damage for scrappers is wonderful. 1/5 a/d Smite + 1/3 a/d MG (yes, I'm level 40 but still don't have Midnight Grasp six-slotted) will now reliably drop a non-resisting yellow minion.

The reduced End cost of my shields is sheer rapture; normally I'd have expected to suffer an End-related partial (at least) toggledrop in the course of an evening's play.

The XP from soloing on Tenacious is really quite alarming.

The global defensive nerf bit me on the arse when I tried to pop yellows and sandpaper a MOGged Power PP. But, given that trying that particular stunt was pretty fucking stupid in issue four, I've got absolutely no grounds for complaint.

Conclusion: I might drop Cloak of Fear from my build. Not sure what to replace it with, though.

25¢ Gaara

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Yesterday I started playing my first Kheldian ever, he's a Warshade, and I want advice on which four powers should I get first. I can't decide if it's better to grab the first three attack powers and skip Gravity Shield or do a combination of Gravity Shield and two of the primary attack powers before I gain access to Dark Nova at six. Is Gravity Shield even useful later down the road when you gain access to Ecllipse? And if it helps at all, I plan on using Dark Nova until I'm in my 20s then I'm respec-ing out of it and going the rest of the way with a human/dwarf Warshade.

Also what is the damage resistance cap and the defense cap for Kheldians?
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I5 respecs (DM/DA level 40)

So. I'm thinking about what (if anything) to do with my I5 respec on my main (level 40 DM/DA scrapper).

Seeing how smoothly things go without Cloak of Fear, and seeing as it's been nerfed, it's no longer useful for me (the reason I liked it was it let me concentrate on bosses in big groups; with the nerf, it quite rightly no longer lets me ignore the lieutenants), so that's one power to replace.

I'm dropping Oppressive Gloom as well; I was never entirely convinced by it, since it kept making things wander out of my PBAoE radius.

Any thoughts on what I should replace them with? Slots are at a premium, since I plan to have eight of my powers six-slotted.

EDIT: The build as it stands:
Dark Melee: Smite (1/5 acc/dam), Shadow Maul (1/5 acc/dam), Dark Consumption (1/3 acc/recred), Soul Drain (1x accbuf), Midnight Grasp (currently 1/3 acc/dam, aiming for 1/5).
Dark Armor: Dark Embrace (1/5 endred/damres), Murky Cloud (1/5 endred/damres), Obsidian Shield (currently 1/3 endred/damres, aiming for 1/5), Cloak of Darkness (1x endred), Cloak of Fear (1/2 endred/acc, I think...), Death Shroud (1/1/2 endred/acc/dam), Dark Regeneration (2x endred), Oppressive Gloom (1x acc)
Fitness: Swift (1x runspd), Health (1x heal), Stamina (6x endrec)
Leaping: Combat Jumping (1x defbuf), Super Jump (1x jump), Acrobatics (1x endred)
Speed: Hasten (6x recred)

I5 Impressions

I spent less than 3 hours playing last night, so these impressions aren't necessarily all that valuable.

First, a group of four of us made new archer characters. By the time we were finished for the evening (2 hours or so), I think we all had made it to level 6. My character was a Blaster, and I thought my arrows were the most boring to use, or to see used. I'll try again with either a Defender or Controller.

I logged back in to see how it was to play my level 33 Invulnerable/Energy Melee Tank. He's got top-notch defensive enhancements and Health (fitness pool), and I used to be able to stand and get pounded on by multiple purple guys for a while -- net hit points would drop, but slowly. Now, though, when I tried to fight a red guy and a yellow guy, I had to run away -- my health was dropping too fast for me to really have had a chance to defeat them before they defeated me.

While I agree I was ridiculously hard to hurt before, this new situation seems somewhat ridiculous. My main superpower is invulnerability. I didn't take damage dealing, I didn't take holds, I took the ability to NOT GET HURT -- and now that power seems not to work so well.

BUT... assuming everyone else became easier to hurt, too, I'm okay with it. I can adjust.

Then I tried playing my level 36 Gravity/Force Field Controller. I had just started using multiple Singularities, and so FINALLY I could actually solo a mission without spending three to five times as long doing it as any of my other characters.

Well, not anymore.

I tried to solo. I took it easy with a Heroic level mission. I summoned my Singularity, put up a force field, and started fighting. Minions weren't easy, and not fast, but I could defeat them in groups of two.

Then a boss showed up, and I died. And died. I tried some different tactics, and died again anyway.

I don't think I can solo with this Controller anymore. At the very least, his advancement rate has been seriously decreasd. Which is good, I guess, seeing that of all my characters the Controllers have always leveled significantly slower than anyone else -- so why not make them level even slower? Grrrrr.

On the bright side, the new zone looks nice. I like the punkin dudes.
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Regen Rebuild

I play a regen scrapper and I don't feel nerfed.

I respecced yesterday and spent a lot of time playing after the respec.

I dropped Resilience, Instant Healing, and Moment of Glory. I picked up Health, Tough, and Weave to replace them.

Pre I5 Regen Powers: Fast Healing, Quick Recovery, Dull Pain, Integration, Resilience, Instant Healing, Moment of Glory

Post I5 Regen Powers: Fast Healing, Quick Recovery, Dull Pain, Integration

Before I5 I had no slots on Fast Healing other than the initial one. Now it is six-slotted. I also six-slotted Health. I four-slotted both Tough and Weave.

I dropped IH because the recharge time was not worth the time it was active, to me.

I dropped MoG because it seemed like the HP given was halved, and I never used it much anyway.

I will pick up Resilience later because of the toxic resistance it gives, but I figure Weave will do for now.

If it turns out I hate my new build I still have today's Free Respec to burn. Yay!
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Croatoa and Blasters

I like Issue 5, so far...

Croatoa is great for 22's to 27's, the stores sell all the SO's, not just the main ones, so you can get running and flight and all the other goodies there. Pumpkin badge hunting is fun. The scenery is nice.
One question, anyone know which contacts get you into Croatoa missions?

Blasters suck way more now. Totally nerfed my energy/fire blaster. Defiance does not rise up nearly fast enough as my health drops for it to be worth anything, and the initial damage output is lower than was before against even conned minions, and one on one, a blaster shouldn't die against an even conned minion or two, especially with defiance, which barely goes up high enough in time...

Wrong about capes?

Recently there was a post about the CoH comic book, and a few commenters noted how the comic was negatively affecting their attitudes toward the Surviving 8.

Now, we all know about civilians who say "Maybe I was wrong about capes." So I guess the good citizens of Paragon City don't much like the Surviving 8 either! ;D
Puck (silly)

Issue 5 impressions

Jezebella is a happy claws/SR scrapper. And now she's a Level 41 claws/SR scrapper. I had a bar and a half left to go when I logged in last night, and two missions later I had more than half bar into Level 41. I was certain it was going to take me until the weekend to level up given the way things had been going all week. I guess that XP boost really adds up. I definitely noticed the increase in scrapper damage, too. Yellow con minions went down in one shot when Focus scored a critical hit.

Original Cinder, my Level 32 fire/fire tanker, is feeling the hurt from the nerf bat when it comes to her damage output. Her defense still seems to be pretty strong, but "Burn" was her primary method of takedown and it's been seriously tweaked. Not only does the fear factor make the enemies run away from it, the recharge time on it has at least been doubled. Seems like there'll be a lot less dumpster herding in Paragon City from now on. As for me, I'm going to need a new melee power. Would it be nuts to do away with "Burn" entirely? I'm tempted to use my free I5 respec and get Fire Sword Circle.

Speaking of the free respec... have they been handed out yet? Is signed on breifly this morning before leaving for work, around 6:30 AM EDT, and my alts hadn't received any overnight presents.

Also... I hear there's a special witch hat costume piece to be had by doing a TF or something on Croatoa? Could someone point me to info on that? plzkthxbye. ;)

I hate friggin hurricanes!

Oh I'm dealing with the fact that my city was underwater, and is not livealbe for the next few months. Ok I can handle that. But god dammit my computer is at my apartment and I'm nowhere near it so I can't even see if I truly like I5 or not. Yes I'm safe and most of my friends are safe as well and I'm thankful for that. What I hate with all my might is that I couldn't get this computer to run COH on it if my life depended on it. And that my friends sucks more than anything.

My thoughts on i5:

actually, I have none that I really care to express.
I will post a link to one of the funnier dialogues I've read in some time
If World War II Was an RTS
yes, I'm aware that it's not CoH related but it's teh funneh and I think you all need a break from reading others' thoughts on the changes and whatnot =P <3
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Alter Ego Project

CuppaJo says:

Writer Tracy Spaight and photographer Robbie Cooper will be interviewing and photographing MMO players for the Alter Ego Exhibition and book in the coming weeks. Alter Ego takes viewers on a journey into the frontiers of cyberspace to explore community, identity, love, and loss within virtual worlds. Alter Ego will:

· Document the growing culture of video games and online worlds in an intelligent, witty, and accessible way

· Explore how gamers use technology to create novel forms of community and identity in cyberspace

· Provide a visually arresting and entertaining journalistic record of life on the cyber frontier

Alter Ego juxtaposes photographs of real people with their avatars and documents life on the screen with player stories, interviews, and screen grabs. The exhibition opens in Amsterdam this November and will visit other cities across Europe, the U.S., and the Far East beginning next year. The book will be published sometime next summer. You can read about the original exhibit at

Robbie and Tracy are looking for players who:

- Look like their avatars

- Play a different gender than their real world gender

- Met their significant other online

- Have a colorful, off-the-wall, or unusual story about their online experiences

The authors have not finalized their itinerary, but plan to begin their trip in South Carolina on September 10th and work their way up the East coast. From there they'll travel to selected cities in the Mid-West before heading out to California. If you'd like to be a part of the project, please send an email to Tracy at Tell where you live, how to contact you, and why you would make a good interview subject for the book / exhibit.

Alter Ego is an independent project that is not sponsored, approved, or endorsed by NCsoft Corporation, NC Interactive, Inc., Cryptic Studios, Inc., NetDevil Ltd, or ArenaNet Inc. This notice is presented as a courtesy to members of our community who may wish to voluntarily participate. Please direct all inquiries about Alter Ego to the creators at
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CoH Labor Day Promotions

I'm sure other people have received the CoH Labor Day Promotion e-mail. So here's the post where I put my free 14 day trial up for grabs if anyone needs it. I have roped everyone, that's willing, into playing already. Either by using the other promotions or from constant belligerent personal abuse talk about the game.

If other people want to they can post their own free promos available in replies here as well.

If you guys don't see me in game, it's because Issue 5 has ruined the small bit of stability the 98 partition had left with the game.

The first person to ask me will get my serial code in the e-mail attached to their LJ info.

Joiiiiin uuuuss.
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I haven't played CoH since issue 3 came out and I suddenly wasn't able to solo anymore. But, with the release of the new issue, they've granted us a 5 day weekend to come back and enjoy the game for free. Now I just need people to play with! My character is an energy blaster at level 17, if I remember correctly. Anyone willing to help me get to level 20 so I can get my cape over the weekend? It's no fun playing alone.