September 2nd, 2005


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Yay i am so Excited i love my ice/ice blaster now that i was able to respec!! i gave him stamina/health which helps tons... its pretty crazy and i spent the whole night on the LJ channel talking to some nice people it was a good night... so exciting
also if anyone has a guild wars account that they arent going to use again i would like to try out the game i have the game i just don't have an activation/account you can email me at

Invul/SS Tanker after I5

Did two missions last night. The first was a "clear the cargo ship" in Striga, with my friend who is a most excellent energy blaster. It was council who were mostly conning blue to me with a few whites and yellows thrown in. I found that I can hold around 10 or so of those without being in serious danger of dying. In any given fight, I would walk out with at least half my health remaining. It's not where I stand there and laugh at them without getting a scratch either, but the only time I was in danger was when I accidentally aggroed two groups and ended up with more than I had bargained for. But still, the blaster and I were able to take them, and I didn't have a whole lot of trouble holding their attention. I have taunt slotted with one increase duration and the rest in decrease recharge, so I can throw taunts right and left.

The next mission I did was a "clear Outcasts out of office" with two sonic defenders and two archers, and I was exemplared down to around level 10. Everything in there conned at least yellow to me, with oranges and some reds, and they were in groups of more than 10 in some places. That was somewhat harder, and I had to swallow some greens, but made it through. One of the archers died, but that was because I didn't see the lone guy who had broken off to attack him. The team was spread out in a circle around the mob too, which made it harder to keep aggro off any one person. The only time I came close to dying (ie, heath bar went yellow) was while fighting a group of probably 5 yellows, two oranges and a red. That was right at the beginning of the fight, while I was collecting aggro. Once the blasters got involved, it got a lot better.

I'm not going to be able to hold 15 purple Freakshow like I used to, or run headfirst into a whole room full of red Zenith Mechs, and soloing is probably not going to be a real option. But then my tank was never built for solo...he does next to no damage for any attack and relies on them more heavily for punchvoke and disorient than anything else. I don't think I have more than two slots on any of them, and only one on some. I was never big into herding whole rooms either, so the only real difference for me so far is that I take a little more damage when I get hit.
Anyway, those are my observations so far. I'm sure they'll change as I find out exactly what I can/can't do.

Super-reflexes respec question

The answer to this is probably posted somewhere, but I can't find it, so I turn to you kind folks...

In regards to super-reflexes, is respecing out the toggles like Focussed Senses an option? In favour of Agile and Dodge, the no-end ones? Or should I stick with the toggles AND the no-enders?

Sorry to be redundant...

I actually posted this earlier, only to realize after I'd done it that the thread was from yesterday.
*smacks forehead with palm*

I haven't played I5 at all... Been working like a dog lately.

But I've been apprehensive about the changes, TBH. Especially as they would affect my fire tank.

But in reading everyones posts, and thinking on it a bit over work, I've come up with a possibility. Could it be that the tank AT has been diminished to make room on the balance spectrum for the Incarnate class?

My understanding is that the release of this new class is possibly just around the corner (along with some other ones, as well). With CoV due to hit mid-late fall, maybe the devs are simply operating with a more long-range plan in mind.

Because, seriously, my tank was like Superman, sometimes. If the game already has a flying tank Superman, what use is there for an Incarnate like Statesman?


Respec 1 or 2

I need to run either respec 1 or 2 on Virtue sometime on Saturaday, probably around 6 or 7 EST. I figured I'd better come here first than try to get together a PUG, since mostly everyone else is probably rolling up an arch or a sonic. Anyone can reply here, or send me an ingame tell to @jello44.

Everybody else is doing it, so I will, too! that I've toyed with I5 a bit. Of course, I did not Beta test the game and do not have a level 50, so perhaps I do not have an opinion that matters.

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In other news, Hobo really needs his Unveiler badge on Pinnacle. Where might I hunt those, since they don't show up much in my solo Nem missions and not even in huge numbers with big teams? I have about half the bar filled so far and it's the only thing I have left for the Reserve accolade.

Yet another respec question...

So my MA/Reg scrapper, You Go Girl, is quite broken. She keeps dying! Here's my build:

Martial Arts

Thunder Kick (Acc, DMG)
Storm Kick (Acc, DMG)
Crane Kick (Acc, DMG)


Fast Healing (5 slots of Heal)
Quick Recovery (4 slots of End Rec)
Reconstruction (Recharge)

Hurdle (Jump)

What am I doing wrong?


I just wanted to thank everyone who offered to help me out. My main character ("toon" is it?) is on the Triumph server I believe. I tried to log in today, but my game won't patch up to the latest version and I can't put my hands on the original disks to reinstall the game. So, I'm going to have to see what I can do.

Even More Events

So, Now with I5 and the addition of the Raves and the Fires; as well as Croatoa and the 3 Monsters there, We are getting closer to every zone having its own unique event or feature. One for every zone would get rather congested, but a few more zone specific ones would be nice. like Actual Trials for Faultline and the Rikti crash site.

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And perhaps an event in Brickstown. Like a Prison Break.

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Anyway, just my Ideas. I think More events like these would be fun. Just something that might be up for an Issue or two, then done(The prison Break, i mean, not the trial). But they would stay in the memory of the heroes that were there to experience it, much like our old Frosty friends, the Winter Lords.
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If Anyone has an extra invite special holiday fun time code for COH i have a friend that would like it you can email it to me at thank in adavance ^_^