September 4th, 2005

head tilt, aeryniana

level something whatever looking for SG

This is my pathetic attempt to get into some Super Groups. Right now I'm in two small SGs which have few members in them. I want in some big groups as well. After over a year of having ONE cat-girl I've gone and made a few so I could get something into KOTP. I'm trying to figure out how to contact someone in LOCGs too, their website is a bit vague about in game contact.

Does anyone have a fairly large Super Group on Virtue that would be ripe for some characters level 16 to 37 to join? I figure my level 50 doesn't need to be in a very active group so she'll remain in Seraphim Guard. I have characters on every single server and have been playing since April 2004. I am no newb, I'm just really picky about teaming with strangers who could waste my time and get me killed in situations that would be simple otherwise. I like fast decisive play, but some cooperative planning and tactics is nice too. For crying out lout, what is so wrong with a little RP? I can't even get that anymore because there's no one left to RP with, I've just settled for whoever is free to play with me at the time. I consider RPing that which involves playing at the same time.
I guess you can say I'm tired of soloing, I've become efficient enough at it, I can solo with any AT, but I just don't want to if I don't have to.

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