September 5th, 2005

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oh the god old days of macrobinds

Ascendant was / is a player on Virtue, and would park his character in front of phones around the city from time to time. These were scripted chat macros that were basically his phone conversation you were overhearing! There were a few but here is the only two I could find.

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and it happened

I regret to say i have suspended my COH account til CoV comes out i love the game but i was getting very bored because i was doing the same thing over and over and dying which is something you have to deal with in a MMORPG >_< its sad though but ill be back! I WILL! i am playing ragnarok for a few months but ill be back!
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Fist of Hell, a Claws/Invuln scrapper, reached the plateau of a 683 hour journey last night. After a year and three months with this hero, 50 was finally seen.

All that's left is the badgering and some TF's.

And a successful hami raid.

Dragon Con as it pertains to City of heroes

I just want to say that I hope that next year, Cryptic has some official representation at this Convention.
I went all 3 days, but Friday, I wore my COH shirt and had SO many people come up and say something to me all excited, like I was a a kindred spirit or some such. :)
I also saw that a vendor was selling badges that you could write your character's name and what server you use on it.
I saw more of those badges than I ever thought I would, like we were some kind of stealth group that you had to look hard to find, but were there none the less, and in goodly numbers too. I also feel glad for all of the players that I spoke with, discussed strategy with and bonded with.

Ah, well, maybe representation next year :)
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In an hour and a half, my first Hamidon Raid will be gearing up on Defiant (EU), though we probably won't even get to doing anything for another hour after that. The raid plan has to be explained to people that do not read the forums.

Anyway, we're going to need a bit of luck seeing as we use a */Regen to tank Hami, and IH is no longer a toggle, so send it our way... I'll let you know how it goes, if you're a real sadist you can listen to commentary on either or, we're not sure which channel it'll be broadcast on yet. 7pm BST is when the fun starts!

Debt Badge #6, Debt Cap and hopefully a Hami-O here I come, up-up-and-AWAY! *lags straight into Hami*

Hullo, new member here

Hullo hullo. I found this looking up CoH on interest search, and I joined because Guardian doesn't have their own community lol. Anyway, I play on Guardian server (strictly :P). Some of my chars:

JiX3R lvl 50 ma/invuln
Majora lvl 41 emp/elec
CaZ lvl 21 ill/emp

Those are the main ones I play. My insight with update i5, my invuln has been pooped :\ but my case is workable. Archer and Sonic sets are pretty sweet (I have a TA/Archery myself), but I believe Sonic is overpowered (if you don't know what I mean, make one and solo with it or join a team with the same level sonic set person def or blaster).

Anyway, looking forward in meeting some people here and ingame :)

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Hamidon is down! The moron-to-competent player ratio was heavily set against us, but we took him down in less than two hours, and I got a totally useless enhancement, YAY!

My dear Aunt Sally?

Is 'Sally' just an elaborate hoax? I've waited around all day today in Croatoa trying to 'see' her. She "spawned" once this afternoon, but by the time I even realized it on broadcast a bunch of guys claimed someone killed her before she could turn into the killable giant monster. It happened about the time everyone in the zone was off killing Jack and Eochial (sp?), so there were few witnesses.

I'm tempted to believe it's all a joke, perpetuated by fools like the ones above. I haven't seen anyone w/ the badge either.