September 6th, 2005

Cyberman 8

Croatoa Weirdness

Okay, so I'm visiting the new Croatoa zone with my main (a lvl 48 MA/INV Scrapper) and badge hunt (using the Vidiotmaps info), getting the exploration and history badges. Fine. Good. I'm all over the zone exploring. "Fog of War" lifted from about 75% of the place. Placed Lora in the University and logged out.

Next day, logged back in, and when I checked the map again at the tram, before leaving, and the Fog of War is back! Like I'd never even been there except for the route I took from the University to the tram!


So went back and zipped around the zone again some. (Superspeed is handy) Left the zone. Logged out. Logged back in. Came back to the Zone.

It's like I was never there. Fog of war restored to 100%.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Is anyone else having this problem?
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City of addicts

crack_city has it right. I maybe did not leave the community but I "retired" only to find myself trying out the i5 changes and liking it. Hmm...and I noticed the free trials for all former players. First taste is always free.
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Rikti in issue 5

My SL41 DM/DA scrapper continues to regard Rikti as free experience, even without Cloak of Fear or Oppressive Gloom. The only Rikti that cause her any worries (except in large numbers; I don't do the "rush four lieutenants and seven minions" trick any more...) are Drones (because she can't bloody hit them) and Chief Soldiers (because their swords hit damned hard). She still manages to take down a +1 Chief Soldier using only one insp (a Respite). I have raptures over the thought of meeting a Rikti Communications Officer; throwing four attacks (two to kill the portal, two to kill the CommOff) gets me 2.7 bosses worth of XP!

Oh, Fake Nemesis are basically free XP for her, too. Their damage is pitiful for a boss, and their "don't hurt me!" bubble doesn't stay up long enough for them to really recover any meaningful quantity of HP.


CCG with YOUR HERO on it

From the digital world to the real, Alderac Entertainment Group wants to immortalize your Super! ItÂ’s easy; enter and tell them how your hero came to be in 200 words or less and one lucky contestant will get his or her hero printed on a Hero card in the next City of Heroes CCG card set! The winner will also receive dozen of his or her cards sent to their address.


• Entries must be submitted by September 12th, 2005 11:59PM (PDT)

• Submitted Hero must cape eligible (Level 20) on any server.

• Contest begins September 6th, 2005

• Winner will be announced by September 26th, 2005.

• Employees of NCsoft, Cryptic, & AEG are ineligible to enter/win.

• All prizes are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law. No cash substitution of prizes allowed.

• In the event that a winner chooses not to accept a prize, he or she forfeits all claim to that prize. AEG then has the right, at its discretion, to award that prize to a contest runner-up.

The contest will be held at

This contest is not sponsored by NCsoft. If you have issues of any sort, please make sure to contact Alderac Entertainment Group and not NCsoft's Customer Service Organization.
Fenris IH8U
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Croatoa TF & Submitting my hero here?

Hola ya'll...

My name is T and I'm a CoH addict... (insert "hello T" here) I come to my CoH brethren with a query.

1. Who gives you the Croatoa TF? Should I pack a lunch or a snack for duration?

2. I've tried submitting my hero for the comm, but I think the link is broken. Is there a mod I can submit my char bio, etc to?

Later ya'll

Scourge of the Tuatha de Dannan & Cabal
Croatoa, Paragon City
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(no subject)

Yesterday I was playing and ran into a real character. He said that girls shouldn't play videogames. And that I must be a big nerd. He also said I should know my place. At this point I was playing with my boyfriend, and the guy continued that I probably don't even know my boyfriend in real life, that it is just some online relationship.

Now for the real reason I came here. I want to know if there is half the debt for missions that aren't door missions? Like "Take out 20 Tsoo" and things like that.
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David Boreanaz (Sonic Alpha)


Hi there,

I've been lurking here for the past few days, while waiting for my copy of City Of Heroes to arrive. It arrived this morning, though right now I'm stuck at work :(

I've had previous experience with other mmorpg's, Anarchy Online, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Matrix Online, and Guild Wars.

Looking forward to seeing some of you online, and perhaps teaming up with you :)

If anyone has any advice for a CoH noob, please, feel free to share ;)

For more information on me, please feel free to look at the info page on my journal.


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(no subject)

Well, I reactivated my account finally. It ended about a month ago, and I figured I'd just reactivate it when I5 came out. Of course, I5 came out the day I moved... So I finally got myself all set up today.

Anyways... Playing it, I've made a decision. I'm going to give up City of Heroes for good. It's just... too boring. Once you've got a level 50 and run through all the story arcs, there's not a whole lot to do... The combat system isn't very deep at all, and battles certainly aren't entertainment in and of themselves.

This decision isn't by any means final, and I may well change my mind. Even if I don't, I might always reactivate my account for a month at a time in the future as the craving hits me.

On a different note, my fiancée and I are starting a comic collection. I used to read a bunch of Marvel books a long time ago, mostly X-men-centric with some Spiderman thrown in for good measure, but I quit after the Age of Apocalypse.

Could anyone recommend some good comics which are going to be easy to collect from issue 1? So far I've found Genie, Necromancer and Fathom, and my fiancée has Lurker and Gypsy. I saw a lot of Marvel miniseries which I liked, such as Toxin, but flipping through Marvel books I can't help but notice that they're totally inundated ith advertisements. Literally every other page. You get a 2-page spread of comic every 4 double-sided pages or so, but otherwise it is literally an ad every other page from cover to cover. This was extremely disconcerting to me, and so I decided I wasn't going to spend $3 on ads. Then I found out that a comic book only has 22 pages of story, and I've decided that as long as the marvel books still have those 22 pages I'll start collecting them... Anyone have any thoughts on that?