September 7th, 2005

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Ten times the Victor, INDEED.

Just finished the Croatoa TF with my main character Faia, my Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper on Justice Server.  Hadn't played her much in a few weeks, mainly because two of my pals I usually team with are lacking CoH because of Hurricane Katrina.  Issue 5 was so very kind to Scrappers, especially us Regen Scrappers.  (I actually don't have a major bitch with I5, other than the lag, memory leaks, and whatever is causing the walls and floors inside door missions to flash transparent on me.  There's also a bug or a glitch or whatever, where if I'm typing and hit A or D - the strafe keys, sometimes I'm locked into strafing Auto-Run until I hit A or D again.  Then again, my computer's got about as much power as a can of Mello Yello, so most of that could be problems on my end.)  I've got 6-slotted Quick Recovery and, for once in my entire career as this particular character, I didn't have to pop a single blue Inspiration, even if I forgot and left Super Jump on.

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In conclusion:
Mary Mary, quite contrary ...
Shave yer legs, they're too damned hairy.
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Hob Auf!

Veteran seeking connections

Fellow heroes,

Some of you may remember me, some not. I've been playing this game since I1 days, have my 50, and a lot of my compatriots have given up and moved on to new fields. My supergroup and global friends lists are more sparse each night than I'd prefer. So, I'm offering my services to anybody who needs some backup in either their supergroup or their global friends list. I've got toons on every server, play during the day and night (thanks to a grad students' schedule), and I have experience with playing every archetype in the game. So, if you need a someone to hold your back, let me know.

My global handle: @ansetsuken
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I5 Response

It's probably just me, but it seems as though every time I see someone say they like I5, they then start talking about Scrapper.

I don't have a Scrapper I play regularly. My Controllers seem to still be playable, although I really need to figure out how to maximize my holds and immobilizes. My Tankers, though -- well, for one thing, they don't seem to be able to Taunt very well. For another, they seem to lose hit points almost as fast as anyone else. A couple of hits from a tough bad guy, and I'm down.

Guess I should go make a Scrapper. :/

Quick I5 hits

Sonic blasters seem overpowered, but I'm not complaining.

The endurance costs for dark armor's shields are still too high.

The improved scrapper damage is awesome. My dark scrapper was applying the super beatdown (shadow maul) for 25 a tick on yellow Clockwork princes.

Containment is cool, but doesn't really help out my mind controller (twice not much is still not much).

The reduction in defense renders my mind controller's force fields nearly useless.

I feel bad for tankers.

Having to escort hostages to the door when they only move at a slow crawl is pretty painful.

Trick arrow doesn't feel like a defender primary.
stick-figure violence

I really don't think Dwarf makes a better tank than you invulns...

Today, after thinking about it a bit (and realizing he wasn't farming it... silly me), I decided to have Moonsidian (my Warshade) SK up to an old SG-mate to help him take on Dreck. It was something he had on his blaster since lv. 49 and was going to use it on his push to 50. Dunno why he decided against it. Maybe it was my Tyrant arc on my 50? I dunno.

Anyhow, through the random slaughter of lv. 51 (mish was on invincible, bTW) Freakshow minions and LTs, our Invuln tank was fine for the most part. The Mind/Emp Troller was mostly using Containment to its fullest with Total Domination and Fireball. The SKed D3 was just dropping Tar Patch and blasting away for the most part. Eventually, after enough slaughter, we decide to stealth to the hostages and skip to Dreck.

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