September 8th, 2005


Fire hurts, who knew?

I comment here, but haven't ever posted... but I figured this one was worth it.

I was running around Steel with my lvl 41 Empath waiting for my SGmates to show up. We meet at the same time every night, so it's pretty common for me to just run around goofing off and buffing lowbies or giving away TOs to waste some time if I get on a little early. I was doing just that when I came across a burning building. I spend a lot of time in Steel so I had been bummed that I always just miss them, and was pretty geeked when I actually found one. Took me forever to figure out where the water packs were, though, even with my SGmate trying to tell me lol

Anyway, I grabbed the water and put out the one fire I could reach from the ground. That didn't do a lot of good. I only have superspeed and teleport though so I did the only thing I really could... I teleported onto the roof of a burning building *thumbs up* The fire conned gray, but man, when I basically stood in the flames above the windows the DOT was -15. It was all good, though, I'm an Empath, right? So I'd water the fire, aura, water, aura. No big. Then the roof under my feet goes up and catches me on fire >_> That, that almost killed me. That was no good. I was a bit more careful after that.

So 2 of my SGmates got on and I invited them over (ehehe, my bad) and we're all still messing with this fire. I had to get another water pack because my 15 uses were up. Teleported back up on the roof and am messing around with this whole grey building event when *BOOM*. No really, *BOOM*. The building totally blew up and killed every single person standing on or near it. Full debt, huge massacre. The general consensus was "WTF?" No one told me failing the fire = instadeath. We weren't really happy, but I guess it would've been more embarassing if a lvl 49 hadn't bit it too.

That still didn't change the fact that we had to explain to the rest of our 'mates how Hellions had killed us in Steel >_>

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Been running my archery blaster, and you know, I don't think I want to put a single slot into damage for Fistful of Arrows. Even at low levels, with nothing but a single accuracy enhance, I grab a *lot* of aggro. Anyone else noticed this? One shot, and suddenly I'm tanking the mob.

Help me out

Someone dinged my mind/FF controller, Hung Daddy, for inappropriateness (he's a former porn star). He's now GenericHero008 and that sounds kind of stupid. Please help me come up with a new name.

Edit: You guys offered up some ... uh ... pretty good suggestions, but I requested and got Tantric Force. It still makes sense from his character concept and sounds kind of cool. I'm surprised that no one had complained about Hung Daddy before, but oh well. It is a violation of the EULA because it refers to a body part (does that mean you can't be Peg Leg Pete?) and is sexually explicit in a roundabout way.

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I guess my over-editing of my original post made it incomprehensible. Let me try again.

Most of the people I've heard saying "I like I5" seem to like it because they have Scrappers.

I have no Scrappers, and while I like much of I5 (new missions, badges, other content), I dislike many of the changes to the characters I play: Controllers and Tanks.

My Tanks were typically optimized (as best I could) for team play. I couldn't do much damage, but I could get and HOLD aggro and withstand great amounts of villain pummeling. I couldn't do much else, but I was very hard to kill. Now, I die almost as fast as Scrappers -- Scrappers who do WAY more damage than I do. Also, I can't seem to hold aggro -- and the teams I'm on die because of it. I no longer have a place on a team.

My Controllers were also made more for team play than soloing. My holds/immobilizes were six-slotted with SO Hold/Immobilize enhancements, and I used to be able to hold/immobilize lots of even-level minions. It took forever to defeat villains on my own, but on a team I was very valuable. Now, if I try to hold a group of eight, I typically get two or three. And the other five decide they don't like me, and attack. And, since Tankers can't hold agrro as well anymore... well, it isn't pretty.

As far as the extra damage Controllers now can do: to me, losing half my Control ability and duration isn't worth the extra damage. Look, if I wanted to do damage quickly, I would have made a Blaster, not a Controller.

Once again: If I want to really pleased with I5, I guess I should go make a Scrapper. :/
Enchanted Light

Laptop Video Issues workaround

We are currently working on resolving the issues with the ATI Mobility cards, but it might be a little while before a patch gets released.

In the mean time, I have a work-around for you. Modify your City of Heroes shortcut (by right-clicking and choosing Properties) to include "-useTexEnvCombine" (without the quotes) at the end of the Target: line, so it should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe" -useTexEnvCombine

This will force the game to render in a simpler rendering path, specifically the one used by the Intel Extreme and ATI 7500 class cards, and this does not exhibit the incredibly low frame rates and visual issues that the default ATI rendering path are exhibiting on the ATI Mobility cards.

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Round two of the beta invites have gone (or are in the process of going) out, as per THIS post on the official boards. Still, though, there are more 12-month-plus subscribers than there are beta slots that have been given out so far, so not everyone will have been gotten to at this point. But, FEAR NOT! Eventually ALL 12+ month subscribers will be given an invite.

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He left me for dead! (XPosted from my journal)

We were playing City of Heroes this morning in Croatoa (the new zone), and I (Shimmershade) had died in mission while lord_keeper (Agent Firebrand) was escorting the citizen to safety. The mission was over and we decided to go ahead and click out and he'd resurrect me there.

So I clicked out, and my dead body lay upon the fairy mound that is the portal between the spirit world and Croatoa, and I waited.

And I waited.

And I see that Agent Firebrand's status is In Mission... my mission.

"Go ahead and click in," he beckoned.

"I would love to."

"Oh! You're still dead!" he exclaimed embarrassed.

"You know, I have to post about this!" I told him.

And now, some screen shots...

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Crashing make Jez angry!


During a Portal Corp. mission tonight with my regular group, all but one of the seven of us crashed and disconnected at least once. Several people crashed multiple times, including our tankers and our defender. Every single time, the crashes happened during the heat of combat. So we tried to play it safe and left the glowies until last, so that the mission wouldn't end and we'd still be able to invite people back to the team.

Then we arrived at what must have evidently been the very last mob, because when the last one was defeated the damned mission ended with four of the original six glowies still left unclicked! And of course two people had again crashed and lost connection during that battle, so our defender and one of our tankers lost out on the mission bonus.

I am so pissed right now. Once again they've given us a buggy release that makes us crash all the time, and on top of that you can't even trust the text of the damned mission objective so you can make sure no one gets screwed out of the reward at the end. Is it worth it to petition it on behalf of the two players who didn't get the mission bonus? Or am I just going to get another "too bad, so sad" form letter reply just like I have for every previous complaint about problems resulting from crashing and disconnection?
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