September 9th, 2005

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New Hero of the City

Angry Aunt Flo, after starting last June, and playing 654 hours, has hit the big 50. Fiends beware! (unfortunately I did not get a picture because my teammates took down the baddies too quickly!)

And now to work on Mining Canary and O Girl!

And also to add onto the other sob stories of having played over a year and still no beta invite *SOB!!!*

Where's the justice.............

So I have been playing CoH since closed beta, been loving it most of the time...Unitl now.
My lazy assed roommate who only plays City, when something goes wrong in EQ2, which is not alot, and who has cancelled his subscription more than once to save money, got an invite to CoV...I have not....I got him into the game and he gets the invite...I am sad.

And no I cannot play on his "precious" computer...he's an asshole about that.

Next thing you known another Bush will become president......oh wait there's a Jeb.

10/1 The Virtue Foot Race

Here are the details reviewed (I'll post again closer to the date):

Because I think I stated Saturday on LJ chat and neglected to note the date...

Saturday, OCT. 1 4:00 PM CT
All contestants must be level 1 to participate in the race!
  • Create a level 1 toon to race from Ms. Liberty to the Portal Corps sign in Peregrine

  • Team with a PACK SG member so that you can be monitored and your cheaterific ways kept in check! (Joke! Don't kill me!)Under no circumstances do you leave your appointed team with a Pack member or you will be disqualified

  • You may die, spam like hell for buffs, and basically run your ass all the way to the sign (No ports, one buff per zone)

  • Prizes:
    First place prize will receive 2 million influence to a character of their choice.
    Second place prize will receive 1 million influence to a character of their choice
    Third place prize will receive 500k influence to a character of their choice

    Our SG has a dedicated TeamSpeak Server open for you to join! We are limited to 25 spaces so get on early! I fully expect trash talking, yo' momma jokes, and general screams of agony as you die steps away from the Portal Corps sign while the InuYasha-clone steps on your corps before you can teleport over to the hospital...

  • Interested in TrashSpeak?

  • See point three: "How do I download and use TeamSpeak?"

  • What's an Inu-washer?

  • The more important question here is, "Why is that person's toon not generic?" Well, when the SG did this originally, we ended up with themes. The first was mini-Freedom Phalynx. The second was in celebration of the final Star Wars Episode with mini-Star Wars toons.(obligatory supergroup/photo plug)Make yours and win an additional 1 mil influence!

    Ok, I'll totally repost this when we get closer to the date, because well we all have short..

    Oh look! A duck!

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