September 10th, 2005

we're easily amused.

So some of my friends and I tend to crack comments about the NPC's in the game. We make fun of their clothes, what they say ("Those low-carb diets will kill you!" I kid you not), things they do. It's funny. We analyze why they do what they do. So Gaelic and I were running missions for Cadeo someone-or-other on Freedom tonight and we're plowing through the CoT something quick-like. Now, earlier in the convo (while I was dead and observing the lovely abandoned wearhouse) I mentioned that Lyndon (the NPC) really should've looked more frightened but instead kept on yawning. Well, when we killed the CoT's around him, he started running around like a chicken with his head cut off and so ensue's the following conversation. Thought ya'll might get a kick out of our sillyness.

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Oh, and some randomness.

I did the Numina TF today. Yeah. Jurassik is one tough bitch to bring down. The TF itself was fun, but getting Jurassik down at the end was bad. I think I died 6 or 7 times. And our team was fairly strong, too!

Also, I was running missions with my SG tonight and coming out of Talos I saw a level 38 emp/sonic defender. I5 has been live a damn WEEK and they were already 38?! I've put 400 hours into the game and I only dinged at 37 this afternoon! It really bugs me that people do that. Now granted, it's taken me a long ass time to get where I am, but I've had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. I can't imagine getting a toon that high in a damn week.
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Puck (silly)

Do it eBay?

This is just rediculous...

I know some people are desperate for influence and accolades... but come on. Are there really that many idiots who will pay that kind of money for stuff that only exists in a GAME?

And the pay-for-powerleveling thing is just mind boggling. Why would you pay $39.95 + $14.95 per month for a game, then pay someone else hundreds of dollars more to play your character for you?
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David Boreanaz (Sonic Alpha)

I was born a freak, but shooting electricity from your fingers is cool...

Thanks to all for the warm welcome I received after posting my introduction post.  Apologies for not stating I was from the UK.  After a week of play, I'm very impressed, and have to admit that most of the people I've met while playing have been very friendly :)

For those on the EU servers, (in particular Defiant) feel free to look me up, "Shanshu".

Oh, and I also have X-Fire, feel free to add me to that too (sonicalpha2k).

Thanks :)

aka Shanshu.

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Green Starburst


OK, so I'm back from a long vacation and ready to start playing again. I just downloaded Teamspeak, but have no clue how to use it. Anybody got any tips?

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