September 12th, 2005


Here's a portait of my CoH toon, and that of another player I know. I've got more on the way, as soon as I think to upload them.

The one I'm working on now for my GF is going to be pretty cool...
I've done these for Guild Wars and WoW as well... but the CoH ones always end up being my favorites.

I'm nearly ready to go live with a "Hero Portrait Studio" service... I haven't seen too many out there, and I think it'd be neato.
What do you think?
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Sark, bad, snark

Belated Introduction

I don't think I've ever actually introduced myself, so here's an intro along with a bit of "what I've been doing lately." Cut because it's really long!

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I have three main characters, all on Champion. (I also have a couple experimental toons on Pinnacle.) Night Slash is a magic Dark/Dark Defender and is the character I most wanted to play. I made him on my friend's account and got him to 10th level before buying my own copy of the game. So I re-created him and played him just with my local friends. I just got him to 10 again before I quit.

Erydanus is a magic broadsword/regen scrapper (I probably should have switched names between Night and Ery! ;) I don't usually play fighter types so I thought it'd be fun to play something off-type, and everyone told me that this was the best combo for soloing. Of course, the regen nerfbat has fallen on the character like 3 times since I've had him. He's currently 15th level.

Finally, I have Afterimage, who my icon is of. He's a mutation Illusion/Empathy controller. I got the idea for him from a post on the official boards which just sounded like a combo I'd enjoy; basically, a healer with a few pets and some lock-down power for when things get too crazy. He was 7th before I quit. As of last night, he's 13th and in contention to become my main.

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One thing about resuming play right now is that with people still adjusting to I5 I find I'm less concerned with what "should" be the way I build my characters. I figure, there are some number-crunchers out there who have it all figured out but for the most part, I'm happy just trying things out and if they don't work, well, I still have my I3/I4/I5 freepsec lying around. (Yes, I've had 3 free respecs given out that I have yet to use. ;) My global handle is @erydanus and I am on the LiveJournal channel. I've seen some of you folks there already, maybe I'll catch up with more of you soon!
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Puck (silly)

P.U.G. notes

Random observations from yesterday:

A force field controller's bubbles only help when the team is smart enough to wait for them before running in to agro mobs.

A team consisting of six blasters plus one controller equals team wipe if one of them just can't stop running haphazardly around the map, but a team consisting of just two controllers can kick major ass.

Rarely does anything good ever come of a pick-up group when the first thing the leader says is "Come to Hollows."

And finally...

Heal Other six-slotted with health SOs: 180k influence
Recovery Aura six-slotted with recharge SOs: 180k influence
Blasters who open by running into melee and using Fire Sword Circle: Priceless

There are some amusements that influence can't buy. For everything else, there's Leeroy Jenkins.
Hob Auf!

Problem with zoning times

Ever since I5 hit, my zoning times have turned to ass. While it's typically easier zoning into a mission, it still takes a while, and zoning into places like Steel Canyon or Talos Island are excruciatingly painful.

Does anybody have advice on how to improve zoning times?
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A good PU group???

I log in with my lvl 38 (soon 2B 39-opleaseopleaseopleaseoplease) elec/ene blaster, NeverCallMeFifi, Saturday nite. I had only actually logged in with the idea of finishing my lava lord badge in the Hollows, so I didn't select "LFT". Yet, I get a rapid, "do you want to do a mish?" followed immediately by an invite. I hesitated, but figured wtf, and accepted.

Oh. My. Word. Best pick-up group EVER. There was witty banter, but not to excess. Everyone knew their role and performed it MARVELOUSLY. Folks were passing out the appropriate insp without being asked. I never once turned orange and never once ran out of end. They were simply amazing.

Then, mid game, the leader (an ice tank named "Inuit" something) gave a BRB that lasted for a bit longer than anticipated. We all waited, when he suddenly logged. When he came back, I swear it was someone else. The level of conversation dropped to sophomoric level ("ASL?" "How U gurl get so prity?" etc...). The level of play didn't drop significantly, but the tone of the evening did. When the mish ended, we all stood around waiting for some leadership. And stood, and stood and stood. Finally folks started dropping from the team (first was our wonderful healer, Psylocke), till all that was left was me, the tank, and the kinetics def. Suddenly the tank takes off without a word and we just sort of stand there asking, "are we doing in mish's? Or should we log?" The kinetics guy (sorry, can't remember his name, even tho the rocked) dropped, and the tank comes back on and says, "U want to do a quick PvP with me?" I decline, as I don't particularly care for Pvp, and I want to hit 39 soon. He asks two more times and I finally say I'm quitting the team. Suddenly our scapper appears (Jolly Roger, I think was his name), and the tank starts talking normally and says, "OK, let's go do these two missions as they have good XP. We'll pick up a couple more teammates along the way."

I was so conflicted. It was simultaneously the best and the worst PU group I've ever had. I really, *really* got pumped by how well we did and wanted to keep going. Hell, if we had, I would have easily hit 40 that night. But, with the mid-stream shift of thought (I just KNOW someone else took over the char), the entire group fell apart. It's amazing how a perfectly jelled group can dissolve with so little effort.