September 13th, 2005

dance through life by nutmeg610

Check this out...

One of the members of my Super Group is an artist who's been involved in gaming for a while (particularly Magic: The Gathering), and he's immortalized our group in a digital comic. You can see it here:

Lone S.T.A.R., Issue 1

That's a PDF version of the comic, which compiles all of the pages into one big Adobe file. If that link doesn't work, you can also read it at his thread at the CoH boards here if you want to give him direct feedback.

This is just amazing, amazing work, and I just *had* to share it. :)
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Puck (silly)

Mouse button navigation

I've got something that's driving me batty now that my controller has reached Level 14 and picked up her travel power. For the alts that I created before Issue 4, the default setting has been that I can hold down the right mouse button and "steer" my character with the mouse. I use this all the time for characters that fly, not so much on the ground. With Issue 4, however, something in the default navigation settings must have changed, because the right mouse button does absolutely nothing for characters I've created since then. And I haven't been able to figure out what I need to change to get it work.

The easiest thing would be to export the settings from another character, then load them to the one I want to change. Is there a way to do that? I know you can save stored keybinds. Will that save the mouse button settings, too?

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During the one of the last missions on the Sister Psyche task force, the freak boss's name was "Axel-F," and as we were entering the room, he called out, "Welcome to the jungle!" I've never done that tf before, and I was wondering whether that reference had always been there or was something new? Also, seeing Clamor unabashedly doing the chicken dance with her cronies as we were getting into position was just priceless.
Puck (silly)

Croatoa - wouldn't it be cool...

...if we could buff and heal the side we want to see win when the baddies fight each other?

It makes my magic origin characters cry to see the Cabal initiates get smacked down as much as they do by the other factions.

And I want one of those hats, dang it!
pink hair and red glasses

CoV payment question

Not sure if this has been asked or if anyone knows. I haven't really looked into it too much and I have heard all kinds of rumors. Does anyone know what the monthly fee will be if you have both games? Is there a discount?
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Answers to Ask Geko are up

My favorite bit (speaking about upcoming powersets):
At the top of the list are ones you can expect in the near future (names are all pending): Street Fighting, Electrical Melee, Electrical Armor, Shields (melee and defense versions), new Henchmen for CoV Masterminds, and a new techno defense set for CoV Stalkers. There is a fairly good chance you will see many of these in the next Update. Some will be shared in both CoV and CoH, and some will be exclusive to one or the other.

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