September 14th, 2005


Darqrawr, a dark melee/dark armor scrapper, finally hit the big 4-0 after 480 hours of play. :) And she got new clothes, so w00t! Like I said the first night I5 was live, I made her 4th costume out to be very similiar (if not more badass) than the witches on Croatoa. <3 I'm so happy right now. But a little sad that 50 looms so near. Anyhow. I just wanted to show off some pictures!

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I'm really enjoying my PB and WS (after hitting 50 last week), I must say it's refreshing. I've gotten to the point where I've played so much, and with so many good players, that I can come up with a pretty decent PvE build for basically any AT/Power Set combo. Apart from Khelds, I've already cocked up my slotting/powers a bit, it's just like playing my first toon all over again! I'm ignoring any player guides, too. I want to do this as it comes, and so far, it's brilliant fun, though I'm sure it'd be a bit different if I didn't have Influence to throw at it in abundance.

Oh and for the record, Khelds aren't inherently squishy at all, my main is a Blaster, and I have to say, it's about the same. Just Nova Form gives Khelds stupidly high offense sooner than most blasters can dream of, so they drop things faster.

Infernal and AoE changes

Last night, my fiancee (level 46) and I (SK up to level 45) tried to take down Infernal with the help of a couple of other people. The mission was set to invincible so Infernal was level 48. We didn't have a problem finding him, but had multiple team wipes trying to take down the summoning altar. Here's the problem: the summoning altar spits out a crazy number of demons. Before I5 that was not a problem because I'm rad/rad and she's ill/rad. However, the new AoE changes mean my radiation infection will not infect all of the demons, just 16. I couldn't get an accurate count, but there were at least 50 or 60 red conning demons shooting fire at us. I could infect some of them, but the rest just got pissed off and focused their attention on me.

My complaint: this AoE limit does not make sense from a hero physics standpoint. All of these demons were tightly packed around the altar and were well within the radius of radiation infection. Logically, since RI is auto-hit, they all should've been infected. By the devs' new logic, we were "herding" and that's the worst possible thing I could do (other than powerleveling) so I'm punished by only infecting about a third of the demons. Many of you have rad/ and /rad heroes and know that if RI isn't working, then you're screwed (cf. DE Quartz). No ifs, ands or buts.

RI doesn't stop the altar from summoning demons, but at least I should be able to debuff their accuracy.

Anyhow, it's just another minor annoyance of I5. This AoE change and the travel power suppression are my two biggest complaints about the game. They aren't enough to get me to stop playing, but the game is less fun when you can't use your signature power.
Zombies Hate Fast Food

The Paragon Times: Siren's Call

Almost a year after a massive explosion devastated parts of Siren's Call, the district has been given the official okay to allow limited access to heroes. What really happened in Siren's Call? And what does the future hold for this once thriving part of Paragon City?

I wonder if this is going to be one of the new PVP zones that will open up when CoV comes out? With the war walls destroyed, I'm sure it would be very easy for those from the Rogue Isles to gain access to this area.
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Archery question

Snap Shot: One slot or six?

To wit: I didn't take Snap Shot when I first tried out Archery, and the second time around I did, and don't know how I lived without it before. It's got fast animation, a super-fast recharge time, and is just the thing for use in between other attacks, or tagging that runner who is on his last sliver of health.

However, it doesn't do much damage, and slotting it with damage doesn't seem to increase it dramatically. I'm not at a terribly high level though. So, I'm sure someone here has done the math, or has read a board where someone else has done the math. Is it worth putting damage slots into Snap Shot, or are the slots better spent elsewhere?

Back for I5, with questions

After a two month hiatus...

1. Is it just me or did the mobs get even dumber? They no longer seem to react in any meaningfully way. Sometimes the 'route mobs' run right past w/o any reaction. I like they added more patrols and ambushes, but it's getting to the point where regular door missions are so boring I'm considering quitting again. :-(

2. Is there any reason for a blaster not to take hasten?

3. Before I5, mobs at a great distance looked generic until I got semi-close, then assumed their correct skin. Now even within weapons range they lack the proper skin. I have to be almost in melee range. This is especially common with the Family. Anybody else having this problem?

Puck (silly)

Leadership pool

Are the stats for the Leadership pool powers posted somewhere? I'm curious what kind of bonuses Assault and Tactics actually give to damage and accuracy, respectively.

The hero planner that I use (the Joe Chott one) says that the base defense bonus from Manuevers is a whopping 2.5%. But it doesn't specify anything for the other powers. So I'm just wondering if this is a pool my defender wants to hold on to.

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What do you think is the best badge for a tank to wear? For a while I had been wearing "Tank," then "Tank Buster," and now I'm wearing "Untouchable." What are your favorites for the other archetypes?