September 15th, 2005

Sark, bad, snark

Weeknight Fun

I played some more last night and got Afterimage up to 14th level and sweet, sweet superjump. Yay! I have to say though, I'm really getting sick of the Hollows. Not because of any problems in particular, just that it seems that everyone else goes through there. Even though I decided to skip the Hollows contacts on Afterimage, it seems everyone else did not and all the teams I get on mostly have Hollows missions. I have literally run the same couple missions 3 times in the past 3-4 days, and I am so sick of FrostFire invites. FF can be a tough mission; it's one thing if I'm in a pick up group that's working well and we decide to tackle it, but I don't want to join a group of strangers just for it. Several times lately I've gotten onto teams, gotten deep into the Hollows (the area by the dam where a lot of people have a low-level Igneous mission), and arrived to find out I'm on spatula detail (i.e., I'm there to res the team that's already wiped). All I can say is I'm glad I have Superior Invisibility, both to get around in the Hollows and so that I can run up to the dead folks and res them without getting aggro on myself.

I guess I will have to form more teams myself. That worked well on Tuesday, but last night I was a bit tired and didn't feel like I wanted to handle the hassle of forming a team and being leader. And speaking of composition, there's one thing I really don't get. My character is an Illusion/Empathy controller. I keep getting invited to teams that have Empathy defenders. I don't understand why. I only have a few hold powers at this point and until I get my pets, I'm probably most useful as a support healer. I feel like a total leech with an Empathy defender around; about all I can do is go offensive and focus on Blinding whatever the tank's fighting and work on minion mop-up. It just seems like my slot would be better filled with a blaster. Seriously, I do what I can but I just feel like I'm not holding my weight. I suppose though, I provide some backup to the main healer and I have used res in combat a few times.

And finally, a question. Afterimage is a Mutation character; all my others were Magic. I've been trying to pick contacts along his lines but where I am currently I don't seem to have any. My friend told me to pursue Lost missions and I had been, but currently no one's offering me any. Also, none of my contacts will sell me DOs that I can use. I have Sanjay Chandra and I know that his stuff works for mutation/magic, but because I did his missions on 2 other characters, I went with other people. Apparently, a bad call. Fortunately, the DOs I need most I can just buy at the store, but who should I be talking to?




Improved game stability


Fixed bug that caused all game windows to reset to default positions the first time a preexisting character logged into Issue 5.

City Zones

Peregrine Island - Added police drones to the area near the Portal Corp entrance.


Shadow Shard - The Justine Augustine Task Force now gives the correct rewards to players upon completion.

Night watch in Croatoa

So last night Og, Fayline Grylore and Hinomizu had finished up a mission and Hizu was wandering around Croatoa when he spotted a pumpkinhead in a tree. What neat decoration! Fayline announced it's one of the Fir Bolg, and they pop up on him all the time when he's not paying attention. But how could this be? Hizu was standing right by the tree. Infact, he joined the pumpkinhead in the branches for company.
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But, when Fayline and Og came to check it out, the Streng did jump out of his disguise and proclaim "I have you now!" to Fayline. Not one to hesitate, Og took action and distracted the Streng while Hinomizu and Fayline did blast the pumpkin to bits.

I had the Freakshow Chameleon suit (and Superspeed) on at the time, which is good, because that Streng was 4+ levels above me. Can you say crafty blaster? More like lucky.
Puck (silly)

Safe Mode?

What is "safe mode" and under what circumstances would I want to start up CoH with that new box checked?

And might I suggest some additional modes that they could provide checkboxes for at start-up? How about...

Solo Mode - You can play solo without interruption, shielded from all non-friend tells, blind invites, and requests to powerlevel or bridge.

Hobo Mode - You can safely pass through Atlas Park without being panhandled. Your true level is masked, and you appear to be a Level 2 to any beggar who approaches.

A la Mode - Just like regular CoH, but with a scoop of ice cream.

Yes, I'm amusing myself tonight. I'm on the road and my poor laptop just doesn't have what it takes to let me satisfy my CoH jones.
vegan ftw


Bored, and only able to be on for a brief time, I decided to celebrate my happiness about my main hitting 40 by sharing the love.

I ran around atlas and Galaxy, and hunted up scrappers, offering to give free inf to any SR scrappers (as that's what I am). Most of the lowbies ignored me, one said she wasn't interested, and one guy said yes, but was shocked when I actually gave it to him.

I'm honestly surprised not more people wanted it!
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