September 18th, 2005

  • marjun

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I saw Lusca for the first time last night in Independence Port, just outside the Brickstown entrance. Two separate teams of eight level 30-somethings took it down in short order. *shines new badge*

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Problem Kheldians?

Question: How common is it to meet Kheldians who act like (a) they had just started playing CoH and/or (b) they were thirteen years old, if that? I'm relatively new at this, but I was still flabbergasted by an especially egregious offender. I assume that anyone who's reached 50 with a toon has learned a few manners, at least.

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So, is this sort of thing routine, and I just haven't played enough to get used to it? I'm open to the possibility that I'm being oversensitive or unreasonable, but it seems like, if he'd wanted to screw around with his new power, he could have left the team and rejoined later. Or is someone who would drop a teammate off a building like that someone that you wouldn't want on a team at all? My guess is that he was power-levelled up to 50 and thought that he could do whatever he wanted because he was l33t. Thoughts, comments?