September 19th, 2005


Some folks opinion on something...

So last night I was taking my level 8 sonic/energy blaster for a stroll in King's Row, just because I'm trying to level her up a little bit before I take on some missions. I'm basically just jumping into mobs of level 8 and 9 Skulls and Lost and letting them do a little damage to me to get my defiance bar to go up so I can do some more damage.

Well, I'm at about 1/4 life and theres about 3 minions and 2 Death's Heads pummeling me but I'm dishing it right back to them. The only thing I'm really worried about is my endurance; I'm a low enough level that if I die I don't get debt. Anyhow, I'm getting pretty low in life but I'm still dropping them when all of a sudden this defender does a run-by healing, throwing my whole strategy out of whack. I kill the last of the mob and then proceed to find another mob of Skulls ready for a beatdown. The same thing happens. I get down to maybe less than 1/5 of my life but I'm dropping the baddies when all of a sudden the defender comes by, heals me, and pulls a couple of them off of me.

It's not really anything to complain about, but my whole strategy in these mobs was to get my defiance bar up. And it's not that I appreciate the heals, but by healing me you're making me do less damage which isn't what I want to do. I don't know. Am I looking too much into this?
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Knight Errant

I played quite a bit this weekend and had a lot of fun. In the last weeks in general, I've really been playing a lot, it's almost like I just got the game I'm so enthused. =) It's also been really nice to have the LiveJournal channel open just so I can hear some friendly banter. It adds a friendly element so it's easier to grit my teeth and join PUG after PUG. That said, two of the friends I got the game to play with originally were around on Saturday and had alts of my current level on Afterimage (15).

It was really fun, with just a controller (ill/emp), blaster (fire/ice), and defender (kin/rad) we ran several missions and they all went really smoothly. In fact, we were in King's Row to do one and heard a shout that the Paladin was being built so we hightailed it over there and tried to stop it from being constructed; my 2nd friend joined us just in time too. It was a tough fight as about 50 clockwork minions kept rebuilding the Paladin's giant feet despite about 20 heroes on the scene breaking them repeatedly. The construction respawned about 12 times and the minions seemed to respawn too, but finally we wiped them all out and earned the Knight Errant badge. Having done this and fought the Paladin, I have to say that the prevention is much harder then killing him afterward.

Sunday things were much quieter and after having spent quality time with contacts, I got into a so-so group. It rapidly went down the "lol we need better missions" slope and we ended up deciding to do the Cavern of Transcendence Trial. Even though we were almost all 17th-18th level. (I know, I know: you're all rolling your eyes at this point and groaning). Well, without properly preparing for it, without anyone briefing the team on what it actually involved, and with leaderhip being passed around like a cardboard crown from Burger King, we horded into the trial. Stage 1 went ok once we got into the tunnels and people started staying together. We got to stage 2 and it was ... well, I think the correct term for it is too rude to use here (c****** ***k). Actually, we were doing ok brute forcing our way through it and had taken down all but 2 groups of Igneous when we ran out of Awakens and I, the sole healer/rezzer was dead. \

The thing is, I think we could have pulled it off if we had better leadership and used proper tactics. There was no pulling; there was 2 scrappers leaping a chasm filled with lava and beating on igneous while the support and ranged people were left behind to be stampeded by leaping hordes of other igneous. I can't remember how many times I had to yell "you're out of range for my heals!" at one person or another. However, at least I got to see what a trial looks like and get a feel for this one. So, chalk it up to fatalistic entertainment. ;)
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In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day (

When I get home from work, I'm going to pop onto Liberty and make a pirate. I believe her battle cry will be "Avast!" or something. I don't imagine I'll stick with her, but if you want to run around and be piratey in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, then feel free to join me.

ETA: I should be home by 5pm Pacific. I'll drop a line on the LJ channel when I get my pirate on. If you want to start the piratey fun without me, be my guest. :)
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Left WoW for CoH

Hi all,

I've been playing World of Warcraft since November 19, 2003 (I have friends had Blizzard, so I got into Alpha). It was my first MMORPG. I had a lot of fun while playing it, however I'm having much more fun with CoH


  1. Grouping

  2. In WoW it's all about the instances. You don't instance you have crappy gear. When the game went retail the culture of the game changed a great deal. It became harder and harder to find a group. I tried joining a guild, however I am sometimes not able to play every week, so I was left with no groups.

    In CoH, I have no problems grouping. I just put my flag on (sometime even when not) and boom an invite in minutes. (I'm not sure how Alliance side went, but I couldn't bring myself to play that side...)

    Not sure why WoW makes it so difficult. I suspect it's a combination of culture, crappy search mechanism and group size.

  3. Customization

  4. In WoW you are limited to only a number of faces per race. Thus if you''l end up being one of many.

    I have had a great deal of fun coming up with 'concept characters' just using the editor.

Maybe they'll fix things, I dunno. For now though, I'm quite happy grouping in a *social* game that is *social*!

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Ok guys, time for some of you pvpers to shine, I got a friend who's having a hard time, she hasn't played CoH in a while so I was only able to get her build. Tell me some tips to help her win in the arena, with a Martial Arts/Super Reflex Scrapper.

Got some more info, she's got Fitness, Stealth, Speed, and Flight, and her epic is Body Control.