September 20th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Warning Signs

You know it's going to be one of those PuG's when...

You accept the invite, say "hello," and not one of the other five members of the team says anything to acknowledge you.

You look at the mission location and it's three zones away from your present location.

You get to Perez Park and the mission door is in the ass-end of the zone, in the middle of the woods. About this time, the leader gives the traditional greeting of "Hurry up, come to mish."

You finally find the mission door, enter, and discover by checking info that at least half the team's members have "Recall Friend."

There's a blaster on the team who's off in another part of the map doing his own thing. When you ask why he's not up with the rest of the group, he reports that he is "Watching the AV."

There's another blaster on the team who likes to attack the mobs that you, the tanker, are not currently taunting. He has a controller buddy who helps him by always opening with group AoE, then casting pets that dance around and agro even more mobs.

You're the only tanker, but simple offers of strategy such as "Let me go into this next room first and taunt," consistently go unheeded.

The AV goes down only because it's the only thing left in the room and thus for just one minute the entire team of ADD affected heroes is able to focus all their efforts on a single goal.

Best... Pirate Adventure... EVER!

thank you crack_city for suggesting Pyrate Nyte on Liberty... it was just GREAT!

and there's nothing in the world better than 5 chicks in bandannas with swords, one chick in a bandanna with a big gun, one dude in a bandanna with a sword, and one big scary bald guy!!


someone PLEASE post screenies. I was having too much fun to take any!

I'm sure I forgot names but YAY and YARGH to...

Blood Locks
4nn3 B0nn3y
Fell Tides
Booty Bess (Bess Booty?)
Long Meg
Mister Quaid
...and me, Raevyn Lunatyk
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Lowbie Gripes

In a previous comment I mentioned the "controllers first" method of survival in the Hollows, and how the tanks are more interested in slotting their attacks than controlling aggro. Another trend I mentioned was one I've seen a lot more of since I5 -- the "crappy blaster" defender. Now that archery is out, it appears that everyone who can't come up with a good blaster secondary now needs to be a trick arrow/archery defender and then get only archery attacks. Not to mention that trick arrow is yet another "why isn't this for controllers?" set, even moreso than Dark Miasma (which I love very much, but still). But another thing I'm seeing a lot of is bubbles where the only power the defender takes is personal force field, opting instead for an extra electricity attack or three. And then when they do dip into their primary, it's only to get Force Bolt -- because a minor damage attack is still better than helping the blaster on your team live longer.

Well, consider my altitis cured -- I'm not touching any of my characters below 20 for a while. If people want to make builds that don't work on teams, I say more power to you. Just let people know BEFORE joining the team that you have a solo build, that you can't heal, buff, use trick arrow, etc.! And if you're a tank, and you're set to lft, why aren't you built for tanking? I know full well that in the early game a tank can't handle all the aggro, but once you hit your teens it's time to start thinking about damage mitigation and aggro control. Either that or roll yourself up a scrapper...

What's it going to be like in CoV then? Will the masterminds be managing aggro with their minions?
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Blood Locks is Almost 10

for those of you that were around last night for Pirate Night, I have almost gotten to 10.

Which brings us back around to the question, what to call the group?

I was thinking -

Paragon City Pirates
Pirates of parlance

what do you guys think? If we can come to a decision, I will name the group that (since I am likely to hit 10 first, at this rate).
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Hell yes. My team just won S4 (for our server, at least)! Free stuff FTW!

Slow is a complete bitch in the arena, I can see where the decimal point was wrong! If someone hits you with it, you have to just stand there and die or wait for it to run out. There really is nothing you can do (which makes it worse than a hold because its way more humiliating). We pulled through in the end, and won 40 odd to 20 odd.

Just gotta wait for the beta invite I won to come through now....

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For some reason this post on the CoH forums just made me bust out laughing.

"theyve had city of heroes and now they are having city of thing you know they are gonna have city of normal people...where are they going with this!!! "

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