September 21st, 2005

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Does anyone know where I can get some numbers on accuracy? I was taking my level 9 blaster out on some door missions last night against level 9 and 10 Skulls in Kings Row and I was getting *highly* pissed off that I kept missing. When I was up against two +1 minions and I miss 8, 9, 10 times in a row, I have a tendency to get very frustrated. I don't have any accuracy enhancements in anything, but do they really make that much of a difference at such a low level? It just seems ridiculous how often I miss. I don't expect to hit every single time, but after fighting two minions one level above me and ending up at the hospital is really freaking irritating.

Rad/Rad build thoughts

In i5, are any of the Leadership powers (apart from the starkly astounding Tactics) worth getting for a 20-something Rad/Rad?
I've got RI, AM, EF, LR, and Mutation from my primary, and NB (six-slotted), Irradiate, and Proton Volley from my secondary. Obviously I've got Stamina, and my travel power is Fly. I don't have Hasten yet.
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ok, here is the situation, due to monetary reasons i had to cancel my CoH account. But in order to feed my habit, my buddy lets me use his account as he isn't really playing now that he is beta testing something. So the problem is that he has his pinnacle server maxed out so i had to pick another server.

Well, i chose guardian. problem is that i don't know anyone on guardian so i've been soloing a lot. I'm currently lvl 13 dark melee/regen scrapper, named Dee Jay 7-tails.. i had a theme in mind that i'm doing with this toon. he's a boxer, a flashy one at that, think steve fox from Tekken. So i went flight solely for Air superiority to add another brawl attack, and so far i really really like it. I'm going Teleport as my travel power at 14 and i currently have TP Foe. TP foe has provem itself to be one of the most useful powers for soloing. Yes, i'm a stategic scrapper, not a "run blindly into eternal damnation cause i think i can win" scrapper.

So anyone on guardian want to team up?
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Long time lurker, first time poster...

Hi my name's Chris and I'm an altaholic. Lately I've been playing a warshade and have so far been putting all of my slots into my nova form, but I've been thinking of respecing to use human form instead. So I was just curious to get some input as to what you guys think is better, should I respec to human or should I stick with my squid? I like the squid but I'm hella squishy and those aoe's make me really popular with the baddies.
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