September 23rd, 2005

Not EXACTLY as advertised...

...but here is the scoop on charcter portraits. I'll try to keep it brief.

Due to several factors beyond my control (I just started a new job and my free time has unexpectedly been cut in half; pricing for commissions proved WAY too difficult - I could not manage to get the cost below $80-90 and still be able to afford to operate!) I have scrapped the original plan of opening a Hero Portrait Studio. At least for now.

That said, I am grateful to my LJ peeps for being the coolest MMORPG Comm around, so my brilliant and lovely RL & InGame companion - @VenusPrima (her 'controller w/ pet' portrait is below) - helped me come to a compromise.

The Hero Biography CONTEST!!!
The rules are SIMPLE!
- Post your CoH hero's bio into this thread between now and 12:00 noon (PST) Sat. 24 Sept.!
- Members of the FORCE VERITAS supergroup will pick 10 Winners and announce them on Mon. 26 Sept. in this forum.
- Winners will be then contacted individually to receive resource/screenshot submission instructions.
- Winners will receive 1 Med-Hi res portrait (for printing); 1 Low res version of same (for the web); 1 Icon, sized for LJ; 1 Desktop (customized for winner's choice of Mac or PC)

All prizes will be zipped and emailed to winners for efficiency and convenience.
Good luck!

In fairness to all, only one hero per entrant is eligible to win; but more heroes entered means all your favorites can be considered!
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(no subject)

Great imponderables:
A team of two blasters (46, 45), a defender (didn't notice), and a scrapper (41).
If you were going to invite a fifth member onto that team, would you invite a level 44 scrapper?
Mist Movie Shadow
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Hydra Mission and I5

Has anyone run the Hydra Trial since I5 came out?

Anything we should be on the lookout for? Tactics?

We'll be running it tonight on Victory

Burn Star - Inv/Fire tank (41)
Bhaal - Katana/INV (41) scrapper or Granitor Fire/Axe(40) tank ( he's going to try it with Bhaal first and if we screw the pooch we'll use granitor)
Earth-Girl - Stone / Rad troller (39)
Psynergy - Energy / Electricity blaster (37 sk'd  to Burn Star)
Kei-Nan - claws / regen scrapper (40)
Sightbinder - Rad/Rad defender ( 39 3/4 should be 40 by the time we start)

2 slots open if anyone wants to join

(xposting to Victory)

At the stairs we are going to have the energy blast hold off on shooting exept for snipe kill shots to avoid knockback. The troller and I will be avoiding debuffs in case target gets knocked off stairs / runs. I am changing my char's ( sightbinder) enh to dish less damage and more def debuffs to attempt to accomodate for loss of rad infect and enervate on the stairs. AM for both the troller and myself is 10 seconds from perma so that will be doubled up most of the time.

Advise would be much appreciated.
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Teaming scrappers

I took a bit of a break from CoH but kept the accounts active mainly for my man. I got bored of the same old-same old after playing it for a year. Tried some other games but with the CoV beta invite... it has sparked my interest again.
I have tried out my old toons post I5 and it isn't that bad. Well, it isn't as bad as I thought, although there are some things I would have rather not changed. My Mind controller is pretty much useless now that she can't hold worth a crap, but I digress.
This post is about scrappers.

Since I have mostly soloed my scrappers (Claws/SR, BS/Regen) to their respective levels of 30 and 35 and only really teamed with my man on the second computer, I don't know what it is like to really be a good teammate with a scrapper in a large team. I'm really bored with the running solo and have a large, active SG to team with. I want to team more with them and some friends I have made along the way.
Teaming with my other characters, I know their roles and learned basic party ettiquite. I know to wait for end and go when everyone is ready. To be a team player with other toons is easy becuase their roles are more defined. Tanks hold aggro and take damage, Emps heal, blasters support a tank and pull, controllers and buffers help the team where needed but scrappers? I know they dish out the melee damage but I'm kinda lost while teaming.
I guess my question would be..

So what do you expect from a scrapper while in a large team? What do you think their best role in the team is?
If you play a scrapper, what do you do while in a large team and what tips can you suggest to me to be a better team player?


Don't Forget!!!

The Hero Bio Contest ends at NOON (PST) TOMORROW!!!
Look and reply to my previous post below for details! :-)

Lots of great entries so far...
Good luck!
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(no subject)

Did the Katie Hannon TF this evening, and it was GREAT! At the last mission, when things were simmering down a little bit, I got a screenshot of a rascal on my head...from the front.

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