September 24th, 2005

stick-figure violence

I think every non-Empath defender has gone through this once...

Well, lately, I've been playing my little Sonic/Rad defender Nuclear Noise (On Guardian, if you're ever interested in his services). Wait, why am I saying little? He just got his cape. Anyway, after bouncing around a bit and pelting things with Neutrino Bolt for a while, I get an invite for a team. I accept.

The team is a mess. Everyone is splitting up going whatever way they can. I'm trying to keep them all buffed and just going off-the-walls batty trying to use my little (okay, I'm fooling myself... they are 5-slotted... still doesn't seem to do much) blasts to hopefully kill a threat to one of the split groups. The tank (the leader, I may add) tried to do some herding (herding -1 Vahz at lv. 20? Even -1 vahz hurt too much!). Nearly killed herself. I make one minor gripe and the tank says, "You just stand back and heal... oh wait, you don't do that."

It must've been the "healing is the worst kind of defense" comment, or it must be because she doesn't get how a 30% boost to her resistances is valuable, because I got kicked from the team after that mish.

So here I am, with a cape mish and no way to complete it, so I wait for another team. I get one. A nice themed couple, Mr. and Mrs... something or other. I'm not good with names. I up front tell them what happened, and I get this:

Mr.: Oh, I know about that. I got a lv. 42 kin defender.
Mrs.: Yeah, yeam. Mr. expert. Mr. know-it-all about the game.
Me: You two sound like a real couple. Are you?
Mrs.: We're in the same room. I can throw stuff at him.

Yeah, I was a little curious. Anyway, the controller they had on the team wanted to do his old mishes while I wanted to finish my cape mish. The controller wanted to invite a tank and got the star. Who does he invite? Why Ms. "I herd Vahz", the jerkamo who kicked me last time. Well, I told them I wasn't playing with her and left.

I did get that cape mish done, though. Found a nice blaster to help. Still, you'd expect the healing ignorance to fade when you leave the Hollows.
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Doug late for contest thingy for cool picture!!

Doug sad now. Doug thought deadline am today. Doug too busy with school to post sooner!

Doug wrote cool story and everything.


Doug wanted cool picture of Doug.

The Deliberation Has Begun!

THANK YOU to all who entered the Hero Biography Contest. There were over 80 entries! I've had the pleasure to read about a third of them, and I am truly knocked out. Good stuff!

The supergroup FORCE VERITAS is currently reading and making selections. Winners will be posted this Monday.

Thank you again for sharing your talent and love for the genre with us!
And, personally: Thanks for being a really great gaming community. You guys are the best. :-)
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Take that, Dr. Vahz!

My controller got the Vahz plague. Then she got cured. Then she and her little team went into the sewers and kicked Dr. Vahz's butt-fugly arse.

Controller, scrapper, defender, blaster FTW!

Just need a few more bubbles (edit) levels to reach 17 (edit) 22 and then it's all SOs courtesy of my stinking rich Level 42. >:)
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Justice for all?

I recently returned to the US servers for a time. (I never unsubscribed, but I haven't played for a while.) On the Euro servers I pretty much exclusively duo'ed my tanker with a support defender (usually kinetic). This time for a change I'm focusing on a Dark/Sonic defender. (I haven't come up with a rationale for that combo yet -- I just picked the most uber power sets I found because defenders are hard to solo and I'm used to soloing a lot.)

What surprises me is how easy it is to find a team and make friends. As a Dark defender, I only have one heal, and had only slotted it with 2 accuracy. But no one has complained. Even the boys who clearly haven't noticed the connection between the dark patches and not getting hit, still seem happy about the sporadic healing and don't complain about the occasional defeat. (As they well shouldn't, since it usually happens when they run ahead and attack an uninfected group as well as get way outside my heal radius. But that hasn't stopped people before.)

After reading all those horror stories about pickup teams, I am surprised to find that every team I have been on so far (almost level 14 now) has been decent. There has been some indecision, and people come and go very easily, but no rudeness, no obvious stupidity or craziness. Today I did a couple missions with a team where one of the tanks admitted to being 10 years old. That's not legal, of course, but he still played better than some grown-ups I've teamed with on Defiant. (He was a bit worried about not having a healer onboard, but I talked him into trying; and after whaling on yellows and oranges without taking damage, he never brought it up again.)

Is it just me, or is Justice a repository of intelligent, friendly and experienced players for some reason?
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