September 25th, 2005

minor rant

I've done a lot of outdoor missions lately and it would be really nice if you had to click on something to leave the mission rather than enter the orange reason. Sometimes, you're running around looking for the clue and you don't realize that you're near the entrance. It's not a big deal to zone back in, but it's pretty annoying.

Also, Diabolique is annoying because she phase shifts and runs away, but Nightstar is ten times worse because she hangs out on the rooftop. What do you do if everyone has superspeed?

We also had to find three ghost hostages in the Diabolique mission. Unfortunately, they're invisible until you start to jack their captors.
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Keat dings 35

My scrapper dinged 35 yesterday. This means a couple things: first, that Golden Dragonfly (the lvl 32 attack in katana) has been six slotted for a level; and second that he gets access to Oppressive Gloom. GD is a magical, magical attack; you hit things with it and they just fall down and go boom. It's my favorite attack in the katana tree now, displacing Divine Avalanche aka Parry. OG is not quite as outrageously useful, but I like it a lot, particularly when I spot a knot of Earth Thorn Casters; I can just leap into the middle of the group, they'll punch me once, and then wander around in a stupor while I butcher, er, arrest them.

I have been exposed to Adrenaline Boost now, and all I can say is that is wonderful beyond words. It turns a pretty good scrapper into a killing machine, ravenous for blood. I can only imagine what it would do to, say, a blaster.

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Quick question

Someone not too long ago posted a good link to a webpage where it gave a list of contacts, and which contacts lead where and what story arcs they do etc etc etc... Can someone give me that link again?


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(no subject)

Here's a little something that happened to me about 3 nights ago that I'm still thinking about today.

A little exposition: I (lv50 emp/rad/power defender) was on with my good blaster friend (lv50 fire/ice/ice) and a controller buddy (lv 38 [sk'd to 49] stone/emp, who's poo-man was exceptionally valuable for the mission) and we were putting togehter a team to take on Mother Mayhem and Malaise in the asylum. Since MM's such a tough Arch-villain, we decided to get as much help as we could, and we picked up, among others, a level 46 warshade. During the mission, we found that the warshade liked to run head-first into battle in human form, even before the tanker went in. I and the other emp kept him healed, though, until he unwittingly (though I have my suspicions that he went upstairs very willingly) got one-shotted by Malaise. Then after I rezzed him, he went right back up to Malaise while the rest of the group was downstairs fighting off the minions/lieuts and got one-shotted again. Then, and this is the kicker, he called me (and only me) a "useless fucking emp" and continued his assault on Malaise after the other emp rezzed him. I sent the blaster a /tell saying something akin to "Did he really say that? After how useless he's been?" to which he replied "His only talent seems to be getting us in trouble. Just let [the other emp] worry about him." So, from that point on, I didn't heal him once. I *did* tell the other emp that he was his responsibility, and the other emp understood. He died many, many more times because of his leeroy attitude, and I rezzed him a few times, but I think that he deserved most of the debt because of his playstyle. And yes, the blaster and I *did* tell him to stop rushing in. Several times, in fact. Also, he had very few badges, which points to PLing through and through. Just goes to show, you can't always count on people that are high-level for a good experience.

Fire/Fire tank I5 respec

After a little fiddling around on hero planner and trying out some missions and hunting after respec I think I've found a build that works for my 50 fire/fire tank. With the new build I can take on several even-con mobs by myself without dying and am able to hold aggro. I can also hold aggro and keep my mates alive in a team based setting. I tried this new build out on Malta, Nemesis, COTs, and Freakshow from the Dreck mission that everyone herds. In the latter case (probably due to the type of damage they deal) I can herd a mob of four solidly, which is enough to tell me that I'll do fine in normal playing conditions (fewer mobs and actual help and support from the team).

In the new build I basically four-slotted Tough (one end redux, three damage resist), put an end redux SO in blazing aura, dropped Weave, put some slots in Health (to help reduce downtime between fights, may change this later if I find the slots work better elsewhere), dropped Burn, and changed up my main attacks a tiny bit.

The few times I did play under I5 with my old build were on the test server prior to I5 being launched. (I quit the day it was launched without even trying the finished product) I died frequently and couldn't hold aggro worth a damn on those test-runs, but I should have waited. I've found that the official I5 changes are quite different from the initial set of changes I played under on test over a month ago -- I don't think they had the tanker inherent 'gauntlet' at that time, at least I don't remember it. The damage resist inspirations are also new to me, I don't remember seeing those on test either. Apparently the tests I ran where conducted on a very early version of I5 and I really should have given the final version a chance.

I owe an apology to brennan068 and everyone else for being a retarded flaming jackass in last week's discussion about tanks. I should have tested my main out on the official version of I5 before making the claims I did and most importantly should have been nicer to the people here who tried to help in the course of the thread.

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I'm still not satisfied on the slotting as far what levels certain slots were added to Healing Flames and Consume, and will probably tinker with this some more so exemplaring won't be a problem for me. Right now though, it appears that the solution was to four-slot Tough and try the thing out on the finished I5 as opposed to basing my I5 judgements off my experiences with the first round of changes on the test server over two months ago. Sorry for being a jackass dummy...
Puck (silly)

Where's my parachute?

I was playing my grav/ff controller tonight and I briefly found myself in a four-member pick-up group led by the most delusional scrapper I have ever encountered. He was Level 19, and the rest of us were Level 18 and lower. He wanted us to do his missions, and he was set on Invincible "to get max XP." We entered the first mission and it was nothing but red and orange conning Vahz as far as the eye could see.

"We'd better get more people," someone suggested before I could say it. To which the leader replied no, his reasoning being that he didn't want to share the XP with any more people. Then he asked if anyone could pull, to which the blaster replied "AFK" and I said "Don't look at me. I specialize in making sure they do NOT move."

Then, without even a warning cry of "Leeroy Jenkins!" he charged into the room, slashed at a Mortficator, and came running back to us with it and a small army of projectile-vomiting Vahz minions chasing after him. I took two arrows, my health bar went red, and I did the only sensible thing I could do in the situation. I clicked on the door and exited the mission. A few seconds later, the blaster who had been AFK fell out the door, too... dead.

"You couldn't have waited?!?" the corpse complained.

"Apparently not," I replied, and gave him an Awaken.

"Okay, come back. They went back into the room," says clueless leader.

"Sorry, but I know a hopeless situation when I see one. I think I'll go solo for awhile."

And with that I quit team.

See... I'm getting better at bailing out before I'm hip deep in debt.

Linux with CoH/CoV

Well, the other day someone said he had CoV running under Linux so I decided to try to give it a shot. Using Cedega from Transgaming, I was able to run CoH.

The only problem was first the Point2Play with CoH sucked. It hides part of the install behind the screen and you can't get to it. Go to the message boards and people say, "Run it Desktop Mode"... P2P doesn't have anything in it to change it to this F'N Desktop Mode. So I just ran it from command line the Cedega program. Worked like a charm... until....


Since using Linux, suddenly every few minutes, Comcast decides to lock up the internet where I can only get a Comcast page that says, "You are not using a support operating system." Then proceeds to tell me to call them.
FOR WHAT? The people who answer their phones can barely support Winblowsandswallows! Much less can barely speak english.

Other than that, the only issue was the mouse cursor in the game was a little bit off. You click one thing but you might be clicking another. I almost clicked to quit the SG by mistake.
The game itself actually ran smoother in Linux. So once I got the mouse cursor issue handled by retraining myself, I only had to fight Comcast's attempt to force Bill Gates down my throat!
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Travel power...

My dark/sonic defender is level15, and I guess I should think about getting a travel power soon. I have Hover, but have only used it a couple times (to get out of holes and such). I also have Recall Friend, but I really hate Teleport, it requires sick camera angles and super mario reflexes, not to mention the endurance drain and plummeting if lagged. I've considered slotting Hover with several flight speeds, but I'm worried that as a Dark defender I may need slots more than powers. Am I overlooking something obvious, such as "all Dark defenders must have Acrobatics"? I've never played them beyond childhood before.

(PS: Still only good pickup teams! ^_^)
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