September 26th, 2005

And da Winnah...!!!

First off, thanks to everybody who took the time to sit and write out these amazing bios!!! No wonder so many comics suck nowadays... all the talent is HERE!  :-)  There was not ONE SINGLE entry that wasn't outstanding. After all is said and done, I'm proud to have found such a diverse group of such truly imaginative people.

This weekend's task was, by far, one of the most daunting - and FUN - I've personally ever faced as a writer... Fortunately, I had a wonderful committee to assist me in picking the winners. The criterion for judging was really simple: pick the ones you like the best! All participating FORCE VERITAS members did - at one point or another - pick nearly EVERY submission! But we whittled them down to ten, as promised.

This is how hard it was: After the ten winners were picked and locked in, there were still five left over that we wanted to do something with! The following heroes were the five runners-up:

Grape Kneehigh, SuperDoug, Sarcophogi, Tighty.Whitey and Lord & Lady Stormhaven.

Unable to choose among them or decide on a fitting prize for the bunch, we ended up deciding to write these names on slips and drawing one at random to be included among the ten winners. The prize recipients will be contacted by day's end with submission guidelines and the like.

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Very OT here, please forgive

This is the only other venue I could think of to post this. Sorry if it's off topic.

My friend sent me an email asking for the funniest movie quotes ever. His only conditions are, they have to be PG and they have to have a downloadable sound byte. His boss wants to replace their cheesey hold music with funny quotes instead.

So what's your funniest quote? Anyone? Bueller?
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The guilt of dropping a SG

I switched supergroups this weekend. The one I belonged to, Children of the Sun, was started by friends of my BF. There's about six of them from college. The group made all these very nice rules, i.e. all chars over 45 have to help out the lower levels with influence (particularly for first-time SO purchases), to help folks along. It was all very nice except that no one ever asked me to team. I hate being a leader, and most of these folks are higher than me anyway. I had sent out SG broadcasts a few of times with weak results. Seems the three folks from there I play with (including said BF), I play with anyway.

So, after playing a couple of times this weekend with Sightbinder, and hearing him talk about his SG, I finally said, "got room for one more?" It was a little awkward, as my BF was playing on the same team, but oh well. I get jealous of hearing folks who are on an SG that actually play together. I'm not much into soloing (I mean, I'll do it, but it's not much fun). It would be nice to increase my list of folks to play with.

...but I still feel like I did something wrong. I've been with that other group since the first week I started playing. Feel like I should say good bye or something. Am I dweeb or what?
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Did they take Defense enhancements off of Hasten in I5? I just dusted off my DM/Regen scrapper for the free respec, and before I had Hasten slotted with a Defense and after ther espec it wouldn't let me, says only Recharge on Hasten..... I don't play this toon that often, so just curious.
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