September 27th, 2005


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So like most of us who fall in extreme like with our characters, I have spent some quality time with images and photoshop to produce these fine comic covers. I like them so much that I am going to now inflict them on you all.

Here is Nymm's comic and then Steamman's:

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Bind Question

Is there any way to make a bind that will emote one thing and turn on a toggle then, when the key is hit again, emotes something else and shuts off the toggle? Or am I just going to have to bind them to keys next to one another?

Local Hero recognized

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Local Hero recognized Paragon times - AP

The Statesman yesterday awarded the hero Rocketfire with the 'Hero of the City' medal yesterday in a quiet ceremony. Rocketfire, a member of the Patriots of Paragon, has been tireless in his pursuit of and apprehension of the villain and gang community. When interviewed by the Times, he was quoted as saying 'I shall continue to serve the city in any way that I can.'

(Huzzah! After too many hours, RF finally made it to 50. Now I gotta decide whether to go Kheldian/Warshade, or something else.. And walking back into Outbreak was just odd. I had managed to 'get onn the wagon' with my Alt-a-holic tendencied.. we'll see if I can stay :)

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No offense, but you = dumb

In an attempt to overcome my recent case of altitis, I decided to Log in my 35 WS and try to level. I Finished a few missions solo then thought i should do a TF. Sooo... incorrectly thinking the max level for the Croatoa TF was 35 (everyone was autoexamped to 34) I went there, and found a team immediatly.
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