September 28th, 2005

Night Spike

What a jerk!

So I'm in Talos. Hunting down Freaks. The mission is a patrol mission, going from callbox to callbox and beating any freaks I find.

I get a tell asking if I want to group. I say sure, and get the invite. I look at my navigation window, the guy hasn't select the mission yet, so I tell him I'm going to finish the one I'm on while he's looking for more people. "Ok"

He then starts complaining that he sucks at finding people. A couple of seconds later, he makes me team leader and tells me "Congratulation on the promotion!"

I quit the team immediately.

(For the record I would have helped him look for more people or would have taken leadership if he had asked first... I don't have a great deal of patience for jackasses)

Accuracy questions....

I have a level 20 elec/devices blaster, and I'm wondering whether I should six-slot all his attacks for Damage, or slip some accuracy here and there. I plan to six-slot both Targetting Drone and Tactics with To Hit Buff SOs once I get enough slots, so I want to know if anyone here has tried that and what the results were. I'm trying to give the maximum damage output and still be able to hit purples.

My main is an Illusion troller, and with Freedom having daily raids now, I have quite a few Damage+Accuracy HOs. My Phantasm is slotted with 3 Damage+Accuracy HOs, and 3 Damage 53 SOs. Spectral Wounds, Fire Blast and Fire Ball are all slotted with 2 Damage+Accuracy HOs, and 4 Damage SOs.

So I have two related questions: is it worth it giving more Damage+Accuracy HOs to my troller, or should I save them for when the blaster is high enough to use them? Damage+Accuracy HOs are undoubtedly the most valuable, so it's hard to get them in trade unless you go 2x1. But with the blaster having Targetting Drone and Tactics six-slotted, I'm not sure I will need more accuracy, and since HOs can't be combined, I'd be sacrificing 10% damage for each HO I install instead of a 50++ SO, and 15% damage for each 53 SO. Anyone that has a blaster with both Targetting Drone and Tactics can tell me if they're good enough to for example, nuke a mob of 53s and make sure none gets up again?

The related question is if there's an actual 'accuracy cap'. I could give my troller's Phantasm, Spectral Wounds, Fire Blast and Fire Ball more Damage+Accuracy HOs, but I'm wondering if I would be wasting them. I read somewhere your blasts always have a 5% chance to miss, so I'm wondering how many Accuracy HOs can I give to a power until I'm wasting them and could be using Damage+Range for a better effect. Same goes to my holds; I currently have Blind five-slotted with Acc+Mez and 1 Recharge SO, and Flash six-slotted with 3 Acc+Mez and 3 Recharge SOs (this is because the post-i5 recharge time of Flash is unbearable, before i5 I had only 1 Recharge SO there).

And, how does exactly the 'Accuracy' figure in Hero Planner work? I thought it was a percentage, for example blind has 85% accuracy. But after slotting, some powers have figures like 115 accuracy, and I know they miss. Is it because I reached an 'Accuracy' cap, or is that figure not a percentage at all?

And in a final note, is there a cap for mez time? I have Blind five-slotted with Acc+Mez and 1 Recharge SO, as I said, and I'm wondering if I passed both caps already and I'm wasting a HO there that would be better use for faster recharge; a concern that's more important with Flash, that needs as much Recharge as possible after i5.

(no subject)

Does anyone have the numbers for the Blaster EPP power Fire Shield? I'm wondering how much Resistance to L/S/F it gives 6-slotted w/ +3 SO's. I use Joe Chott's Hero Planner but there are no numbers for this power in the program. Many thanks.

(no subject)

I was playing with my Empathy/Dark Defender today. Doing one of my missions, and this guy asks if I have Hasten. I do not yet. Because I haven't really been needing it. I think I do well as a healer already. I have stamina and all that. He says to me, "I thought all the healers should get that!" Or something to that extent. Then tells me how that was his first pool power. I hate when people try to tell me how to play. It really annoys me.

I mean, what is the point of Hasten if you don't have endurance, right? I like stamina! I don't know why the guy had to be rude about it. I was healing like crazy, and only two people died. (The first instance was him running in and dying, and the second was a guy got ganged up on by enemies 4 levels above himself.) Why does it matter what powers you have if you are good at what you do? Psssh.
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