September 29th, 2005

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I hate being a jerk

I joined a Positron TF today because some guy asked. Admittedly it was 9 PM here in Norway, but the people were all 15 or less. Since the TF is almost impossible unless you are exemplared down from 25 or so, people normally quit during the first mission. The leader did, after being defeated. But the three others hung on. One logged but came back a couple hours later. At 3AM local time I gave up. I can't even walk straight. I hope the two others get through it, but given that they are a blaster and a sidekicked scrapper, I guess they will have a hard time without a defender.

I'm feeling pretty bad about it, but I'll let this be a lesson and not take on task forces unless I have 10 hours to spare.
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Thoughts on hitting 40

Dinged 40 on Girl Omega last night. First thing I did was hunt down one of the NPCs so I could find out how long I'd taken to get there. 686 hours. Oy. A month's worth of time. Now that's got me wondering how long it'll take to get to 50.

My first MMORPG, and it's got me by the shorthairs. :)

But looking ahead into the 40s...

1. Argh. Got my first AV already. Guess the majority of my solo efforts have come to an end.

2. I never *did* hit that moment in the thirties where I ran out of missions. In fact, I had entire 30s contacts I never took because I didn't want to (see - Rikti, Circle of Thorns). I didn't go lfg all that often, or do PUGs. Most of my teaming up with just with a scrapper friend at the same level as me. Hrm. People warn there's something like that in the 40s, though. That true?

3. Just broke 4 million, and given I've got more enhancements to buy, I still consider myself poor. Haven't gotten to the place where the influence flows like wine, I don't think.

4. So, since I am not the Wells-Fargo of Influence yet, time to go back and get those TF badges I outleveled. How hard is it to find TF teams as an exemplar?
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Game mods, what?

After checking out the badge tracker posted earlier today I checked out the one at coldfront posted in a comment, which lead me to explore a bit more of the coldfront site and found this:

Graphic mods? Has anyone tried these, ever? I'm not really thrilled with any of them, but.. damn it'd be neat if I could figure out how to mod files with my own custom designs. Yes, it's against the agreement of playing the game to do, but it's a neat thought.