September 30th, 2005


Positron's TF of DOOM

We finished the Positron Task Force last night on Victory, our third night of playing it (you can log out and you're all still in the TF group when you come back). In general, the last two missions weren't that bad (challenging, but fun), and nothing was anywhere near as horrible as the fabled FEMA mission early in the TF.

Three scrappers (40's MA/Reflex, 20's MA/Regen, 30's BS/Reflex), all auto-exemplared down for the TF, can really dish out the damage.

It was nice to be done and have all of our powers back again. :-)

My only remaining complaint, beyond the ridiculous difficulty of the FEMA mission ("Aiee! Purple Ruin Mage! Run away, run away!"), is that it's impossible to buy Inspirations while on a Task Force, and the enemies were being very stingy.

I'll be willing to do the next one (Synapse? I'll be auto-exemplared again.) soon enough.
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Smoke Grenade

My blaster (the one with the Accuracy questions a few posts below) dinged 22. Originally I was going to get Assault at 22 and Tactics at 24, but with everybody telling me 6-slot Targeting Drone is overkill and Tactics is a waste of Endurance, I decided to rethink the powers and got Smoke Grenade instead.

Lovin' it. I throw that at a small mob of yellow minions with one orange lieutenant and I can take them down receiving only a hit or two. Right now I have it slotted with one ToHit DeBuff SO, but that's another power I'm thinking in slotting quite a bit. You can look at my build here. I decided to give Smoke Grenade three slots with ToHit DeBuffs, and give Fire Shield at level 47 four slots. However, I've had Fire Shield on my troller before and ended up ditching it because I rarely got hit so it wasn't really using it... so it's likely I will ditch Fire Shield's slots and six-slot Smoke Grenade with ToHit DeBuffs. Any thoughts on this? I'm not ditching Fire Shield completely because I want Rise of the Phoenix which requires two other fire powers, and none of the other Epic Pools sound very good, anyway.

As you can see I've given a priority to slotting damage. I'll get Assault for the 10% damage bonus, slotted for Endurance Reduction. I'll get Tactics as well, though very late in the game; my reasoning being that even if Targetting Drone is all I need to hit AVs, other people in my team don't have such a wonderful tool, and the added accuracy will help them, more than me (I'm always teaming up).

Any thoughts?

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My Inv/Str tank is going to be reaching level 35 before long, and I don't know what power I want to pick. My options are:

1. The last available primary power. I never took Dull Pain.
2. Another secondary power, although the one I really want (Foot Stomp) won't be available until later.
3. Something from one of my power pools. I could get Acrobatics from the Jumping pool, or Swift from the Fitness pool.
4. Start another power pool.

At least those are the options I'm aware of. If anyone has experience with any of those choices on a tanker, or has some other ideas, I'd be grateful to hear them.

*cries* What's wrong with my CoH?!

All right, I ran CoH this morning, it was fine. Ran CoH yesterday and the day before and the day before and bleh. It was all good. This I attempt to sign on tonight and BAM I get this error: ./piggs/mapsMisc.pigg: Bad flag on file-1 Your data might be corrupt, please run the patcher and try again. Now, I've got the map match from and my friend suggested that might be the problem, so I uninstalled no avail. Anyone got any ideas?
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For all those that may or may not have received pleasing news of some sort tonight, I'd like to remind you all that cityofvillains will welcome you with open arms. But we don't want you to violate your non-disclosure agreement, which may or may not accompany the news you may or may not have received tonight.

Puck (silly)


Last night, I made Level 20 with my gravity / force field controller. This is my fourth character to make it to a cape, so of course I'm going to post a screenshot. :)

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