October 1st, 2005

Civil Liberty

Victory Server: Level 50 Missions

I've been slacking since I hit level 50. I'm waiting for CoV, I've diddled with PeaceBringers and Warshades, made a few new low level toons. Blah blah blah.

I still have some AV missions to go through, Numina and some other TFs I've yet to finish up.

Is there anyone out there in the 40-50ish range that wants to team up sometime to knock out some of the higher level stuff, including maybe Hamidon since I've yet to do that?
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J'ohn loves his oreos.

Doug Night!

You know, Doug need to be with LJ people. Doug not meet many and Doug want to meet more, more, MORE!!

So, tonight! In, oh...two hours from now (it am 4:15 here now, Doug off at 6:15), Doug want to go online and do stuff. Maybe badge hunt. Maybe missions. Maybe respec. Doug no care.

Doug hope maybe Doug run into Og? Or other more trolls? That am would be cool.

So! Look at time on post! Add two hours or so! Doug on then!

Ooh! And if you not know who Doug am on hero place? Doug called "Doug The Troll" or Doug known GLOBALLY as "redwave247" (Doug need to change that sometime, if Doug can). Doug going to be on JUSTICE!

Who am up for Dougage tonight!?


Just beat Terra with my scrapper and duo partner, an ice/emp controller. Several things were of interest to me during this fight. Collapse ) I would estimate that Terra is easier than the Envoy of Shadows, but not by all that much. I think Terra's damage resist is below par, at least to lethal, and she does smashing/lethal which is much less annoying than fire, and she doesn't have the Envoy's self heal; in exchange she does considerably more damage than he does. My repeated experience recently is that anyone who intends to team up against AVs should exercise a very healthy caution if there isn't someone in the team with taunt; every one I've fought under those conditions in the game is prone to breaking off from the people doing tremendous damage to her and chasing down and murdering a squishy.