October 3rd, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

What is Bugging Doug?!

Okay, you am all wonder what am bugging Doug?

Could it be that Doug just hit 30 and now Doug all stinky like Sims that no wash? Nah, Doug no wash in months. That no new to Doug.

Could it be that Doug have third costume now where Doug wear pants? And doo-rag? Nah, Doug had costume and pants before. Doug can just have for good, now.

No, there am something that bug Doug worse than pants...

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I have accidentally thrown away my written list of custom keybinds. I know that there is a keybinds.txt file somewhere, but it's not in the city of heroes folder. I've searched for it, and get no results for "keybinds.txt." I have seen written where it is in the root directory, but I know little about that. Can someone tell me how I can find that list?
Puck (silly)

Seeing Double

I ran into this little duo last night in Steel Canyon, and they amused me so much that I did something I've never done before. I logged in my main and give them some free influence. And then I took a snapshot.

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Does anyone know of a way (or utility I can install) to grab the names and levels of all my characters and copy/export to a text or spreadsheet doc (other than logging into each and every server and writing this info down by hand, of course ;-)?

Hero Talk with Tiny McStrappy

I have a bad habit of keeping my character bio's locked up in my own brain where only I can see them. Why do I do this, rather than sharing them with the rest of the world? Well every time I sit down to write one, I turn into the world's most pathetic excuse for a writer. So I decided that if you can't write worth a crap, get a gimmick. With that, I give you the first installment of Hero Talk, by Toby Hutcheson. Enjoy!

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Looking for a supergroup on Virtue

I've got a freelance lvl 23 MA/DA scrapper by the name of Davan that i'm looking to try and get into a good SG. It was getting rather difficult to solo him before i quit for a few months. Since i've come back to the game, i've only busted him out of the mothballs a couple of times, just succeeding to rack up even more debt. Anyway, failing finding a supergroup, I'd like to just find a few more people to run with on a semi-regular basis.

Anyway, give me a shout if you're looking for someone to run with.

Davan - 23 MA/DA scrapper
Taxibot5150 - 15 Dark/Elec Defender
Shermie - 14 Grav/Rad Controller

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One month ago, we took Hamidon down with little effort. Today, it got vengeance.

I'd personally like to thank the people that pulled multiple GM's to us during the raid, seriously, nice server spirit guys. <_<