October 4th, 2005

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Just when I think I might be ready to ease off of the game for a little bit and give my computer and wallet a break, the latest edition of the CoH comic gets dumped in my mailbox.  Then I get all goggle-eyed and dreamy and YEY SUPERHERO! and run off to do more heroing.

Curse you, PlayNC, for your crafty marketing!  *shakes fist*  Curse you for making me love Citadel even more!

But on a more related in-game note:

I don't think it's a good sign when I get leadership thrust on me for no reason other than I talk in the team chat  ('u sound liek u kno wat ur talkin abuot.  u lead.'  That is a DIRECT quote, mind you.).  To those of you who have played long-time Defenders, I ask you.  HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU DO IT?!  I was nearly friggin' rippin' my hair out here!  My latest character I'm trying to push to 20 (although I'll settle for level 10 first) is a Rad/Rad Defender on Protector.  I love the build, I really do.  But what I don't love is how a team full of Blasters (and a Controller who swears he's a Tank) runs pell-mell through the first floor of the 'Defeat All Outcasts in Base' mission, getting the attention of just about every mob in the room, and then beg for Rez/Awakens when they bite it.  Um, guys, I can't heal you while you're busy running around like morons.  No targeted heals, just aura, 'kay?  You not close = you not get healed.  I'm no Empath Defender, so my heals already aren't that great.  And when I say that Accelerate Metabolisim is up, to gather for green glowy goodness, that DOES NOT mean you go WHEEE! down the hall into a group of Outcasts who pound your pointy little head into the dirt.

Ugh.  I should have stayed in the Scrapper - Tanker AT.  *flop*
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head tilt, aeryniana

here's some influence, learn some comprehension.

Respec. The word is respec short for re-specification. There has not now nor has there ever been a T in either of those words. I respect your right to disagree. I don't join a team and attempt to earn a badge for completion of a respect trial.
The next person that uses the word 'respect' rather than the correct word will lose one team mate. They'll also get 5 skulls next to their name on The List. I was reading various build guides on single form Kheldian's today and found it referred to as 'respect' in some of those too.


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Seven Signs

You know you'll be ditching the pick-up group very soon when...

- The leader's name and every third word he types in chat is misspelled.

- Two more bubblers besides you have joined the team, but the tanker keeps griping "better get a healer."

- The leader announces "ok letz go in" and three people announce "AFK" as he begins running forward.

- The tanker responds to the above with "somebody pull" and somebody does.

- The empathy defender the tanker demanded (who spends no time healing because of the triple double bubbles) has a keybind that shouts "EVERYONE GATHER FOR RA!!!" and expects all team members to immediately run back and comply, even during combat. Those who don't get private tells saying "GET NEAR ME FOR RA!"

- Half the team is always running about aimlessly on a totally different floor of the mission map than you.

- One of the people who went AFK at the beginning is still AFK twenty minutes later, soaking up the XP from the safety of the lobby... and the leader won't kick him/her.

Yes, I'm reminded once again why my main solo'ed through the bulk of her 20s.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Thisis just something my friends and I have been thinking about, but can't come up with a good answer ... it's like a circular argument at best, but here goes..

Griefing in game is bad yes.  But what if you grief in CoV? Should/Would that be allowed? If not, then doesn't that go against the whole villain thing?  I'm mean.. you're a villain! you don't follow normal rules!! what do you think? ;)
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Just a question, I'm a 13th Level Tech/Scrapper and I'm supposed to be doing a mission where I clear out clockwork and save a guy from the Sewers in Skyway city,,, Yet I run all over the sewers and find none... I've been in there for 5 hours over the past 2 days...

Outside the Sewers there's a Marker on the map for the Mission but that only leads me to a wall next to a Parking lot... It's driving me crazy...

Any help would be thanked...
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In response to the thread flame thing going on about the NDA and yada yada


think what you want.

Got the invite GOT THE INVITE TO COV!!! ( last month).

tested once, lagged so bad I couldn't move, and promptly decided I don't wanna test it.

so there.

flame on.


omg I broke nda. if ya don't like it deal with it.

squeeeee !
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real post

Last post was just in response to the inane ramblings of people from another post. I prob shouldn't of made it but whatever.

Well my sg's pretty well adapted to i5 now. We are back to running missions on invincible and breeze through them just as fast as we used to. Yes there are people dying but it doesn't matter due to the reduced xp debt. Even if the reduced xp debt wasn't in place it still wouldn't matter. The controllers and blaster on the group seem to be the ones doing most of the dying but that will change I imagine , for the controller anyway, once she gets her stone armor.

Last night we took on the psychic clockwork kings 3 times back to back with little problems. His alpha strike is a killer so I took the alpha hit each time. That took us about 15 minutes to fight to the king 3 times then bounce out. We weren't looking to speed it up but with 3 radiation infections and 3 enervating fields baddies drop very fast. I was hitting the king for just shy of 400 points a hit with cosmic blast 4 slotted with damage. I was thunderstriking him for about 200-300 single slotted damage.

We then did the KoA in the forest, the in mission ambush wiped all but the tanker. He decided to see how long it would take for them to really hurt them. After about 5 minutes he got to half health, invulnerability still is an amazing power. Long short of that mish was a quick skip to the dude we needed to save cause running on the snowflakes ( what we call trops cause they drop so damned many of them) is not a whole lot o fun.

We did three other missions that were clear all. They all went by w/o anyone dropping and we spent a lot of time getting the malta herc's to merge.

So we decided we are going to start living in the shadow shard. We're hoping that the beasties in there will cause enough of a problem for us to enjoy some hard fights as opposed to just mass fighting w/o a lot o risk.
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So, I've been playing for a while now...since game's release really. I play on Pinnacle, and have a few toons on there. Mobieus is my main and he's at 50, so I don't really mess with him much, unless the group I am in needs him. Anyway, my global chat handle is "Psykoboy2", and a few of my other toons could use a Supergroup to join and I'd like it to be one from you guys here. Any takers?
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Concerning the CoV Beta invites and the final wave of them.....

Collapse )

I know there may be some who meet the qualifications and have yet to receive an invite, so well, there is what you should do about it.

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Jesus Tapdancing Christ, people.

I deleted my post. And just so there's no misunderstanding WHY I deleted it, it's because I absolutely hate drama, and there's no reason for that many people to get worked up over an innocent comment. This applies equally to the people accusing me and those defending me.

With all the problems and controversies in this world, this is the last thing you should be having a conniption fit over.

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I have never been so pissed off with City of Heroes as I am right now. My empathy/dark defender finally got to be level 40, so while I was in Talos, I got a blind invite from some guy with the name Budweiser (or whatever.) First off, my comment says that I am not looking for a team, and to send a tell just to tell me what the team is doing. I join just because I wanted to see what they are doing. The "Mission Complete" sign is still up, and no one is putting up another mission. The girl on the team sends me a tell, obviously not realizing that I am already on the team. She askes if I want to come on to "heal the tank", so I automatically say, "Are you guys PL'ing? Or actually doing the missions?" And she replies, "Oh, it's kind of PL'ing because our tank is a level 47." (Of course I should have been not so stupid to assume, because someone on their team was a level 13!)So I think to myself, fine. They FINALLY put a mission up after about 5 minutes of being fucking stupid (i.e. ROFL!! OMG!!! HAHAHA!) So, I am in Talos and I am flying to go to Peregrine Island. While I am in Talos still everyone enters the mission. Finally getting there, I load and then stand near the entrance of the mission, and the tank is being a fucking child about how much times he died already. He said things like, "I am logging. I am sick of getting debt! I need a fucking healer!" And people are saying to me, "Heal him! Heal him!" And I am thinking "How the hell can I heal you without even being in the mission?" So, I said that to him. I also said, "So, I came all the way out here for nothing?" After awhile everyone went back into the mission. He still needed for me to "HEAL HIM!" While I was loading he was dying, and expected me to RUN and RUN and RUN to find him to heal him. I figured that they were PL'ing, which pissed me off. They should have asked me if I wanted to help PL, because I didn't! The tank died, as I was healing him, mind you, I am a level 40 trying to heal a level 47. So, I rez'ed him, and he went back to fighting and I went back to spam healing. While everyone is like, "WTF Happened!?" or "HEAL HEAL HEAL!" (And that is another thing I hate, HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T TELL ME HOW TO BE AN EMPATHY HEALER!) After he killed the group he was working on he said, "I can't do this! I need a healer!" So, I said, "You know what? Fine I am leaving." And he said, "Thanks for helping me get more debt!" And me being already pissed off at the situation said, "Oh, no problem!" Then I get a tell, obviously directed to the wrong person, from someone on the team. And he said "An ass of a healer she is..." And I reply back, "Thanks! Make sure you send the right person the tell next time!" No reply from them. Someone else sent me a tell from the team saying, "I am sorry he was such an asshole". So, I leave the mission and stand outside of the portal, and they finally found a new healer, a level 50. So, I send a tell, warning that the tank is a fucking asshole. Soooo, moral of the story, I will never accept a blind invite again.

And sorry for that long post, I just needed to vent.

All this was on the Champion server, so look out for the tank who thinks he knows everyones job in the game!
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