October 5th, 2005

I wanna break free of Break Frees

Got my fanny handed to me in Peregrine Island twice this evening. I was out of Break Frees, and Ghost Falcon and Tina MacIntyre were being jerks and wouldn't sell me any. I didn't want to go all the way back to the heart of the Talos to get inspirations from an old contact, so I tried to engage some villains anyway. What a silly thing to do.

At lvl 42, I'm helpless as a babe against anything that can stun, mez, sleep, or hold me, and that's practically everything. Battles last 6 seconds. Two seconds for them to incapacitate me, followed by 4 seconds of me getting pummeled and shot until I'm face down on the pavement.



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So, whatever is supposed to come down the pipe today won't actually happen till late tonight sometime and officially tomorrow morning. But maybe some of the gaming websites will have it tonight, but it'll be late for us on the east coast.
Spirit from Fantasia 2000

Newbie Salutations...

Hello there...

Just started playing City of Heroes a while ago on a friend's account, and then another friend gave me a 14-day trial code to use last Thursday. I only have three characters (two on the Virtue and one on Pinnacle), and they're all chics (as am I). I still have yet to buy an actual code-key for the game, but I want to.

And I'm really interested in playing City of Villains. The friend that gave me the 14-day trial code... he's playing in the Beta.

Um, okay, I guess that's it. Just wanted to say hello. *waves*
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Last night Midnight Mystic hit 40. And I thought she'd never quit the 30s grind. :)

Due to a lack of missiosn we wound up hunting in PI. It all went well until a Zeus Titan decided to ruin my night with about 20k to go to level.

Now she sports her new spiffy Carnie inspired look. Although I still need a damned witch hat since everyone I know is getting theirs and I am going to cry. :)

40 down and soon enough to 50. Bug's gonna hit 48 soon. He thought he'd never make 50. I'm so proud of him. Heh.

new comic

I just got my copy of the new CoH comic and I thought it sucked ass. Am I in the minority? I'm tempted to opt out of it, but I'd hate to miss out on something free. Yeah, that's a stupid reason, but I don't care.