October 6th, 2005


recruiting without the bad haircuts.

Hey, there. I'm whipping up a robot-themed supergroup, Paragon Mechanized Strikeforce, on Virtue.
No, there's no website, no weekly hide-and-go-seek contest, no badge tours, nothing like that. Not yet anyway.
What there is is a bunch of robots, cyborgs and androids looking to put the hurt on some badguys.

If this sounds like your thing, let me know.
Contact me at @dataset or at my main's name Brass Behemoth.

Thanks a million.

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For those of you waiting for the pending info on City of Villains pricing that's supposed to come tonight/tomorrow morning, there is a nice little tidbit on the UK City of Villains site.


Basically, at least in the UK, the subscription cost for both City of Villains and City of Heroes on the same account will be what the subscription cost of City of Heroes is now.

Note that this isn't confirmation of anything in the US, but we can at least get our hopes up, eh?
Puck (silly)

CoH dictionary

Eternity - (n) the span of time between Level 16 and Level 25, where for the first half all power choices are from the Fitness pool in order to get Stamina at Level 20, and where for the second half all new enhancement slots goes into Stamina to make it useful. This same period is also characterized by excessive blind invites from people you don't really want to team with, such as blasters set to "invincible" who brag about their defense. Example in context: It feels like it will be an eternity before my gravity controller, Lady Andrea, gets her Wormhole.

On a more positive note: I've got the Wedding Band now, because grav/ff controller + rad/rad defender = Heracles pwnd. And I got to run around fighting for Justice with Doug the Troll for a bit last night, too.

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The COV customer reviews on ebgames.com are amusing:

god i cant wait untill this game especially because of power leveling and being able to play the game before anybody else. this is gonna be a un-nerfed game and will be like basic city of heroes. so all the power level'ing you want.

"gonna be a un-nerfed game". LOL. I imagine this slogan would appear on the game box if Cryptic/NCSoft hired copywriters who spoke Engrish.

While it is enjoyable for a while, the end game content is lacking. PvP will add to the game, but given the constant nerfs and changes by the CoH/CoV designers who lack any real insight into their players needs and desires, I am more interested in next years (hopefully) Warner Bros/Sony offering of a DC Comics based MMORPG. After all, they are not planning on forcing you into a predesigned archetype but giving you more freedom to develop a character specific to your desire.

This is not what you think it will be. This is going to cost you too play seprate from what you already pay for COH! They are making bold promises across the board as they did with COH and they still have not delivered.

COH is one of those that you enjoy for about a month then relize its nothing but a grind. The mission are repetive and it gets old quick this will be the same only difference is your bad.

Wait for Marvels MMO its going to be mind blowing.

I bet Marvel's MMO is going blow all right, but not your mind...
Sark, bad, snark

Friends Don't Let Friends TF?

I started Positron's Task Force last weekend with two buddies. We were all 1-2 levels above the cap, so we all auto-exemplared to 15 for it. I had heard that auto-exemplaring made the TF buggy, and that was true. After the 4th mission, about every 2 or 3 missions when we exited the door, the mission status would go to failed. We found that having the leader logout would reset that. We did the first 4 on Saturday, then a bunch more on Monday night, and finally finished the last 2 missions on Tuesday. I think it was about 6 hours all told of actual play time. The last mission was totally anticlimatic and we each received a shiny SO for our trouble; I got a level 20 Accuracy SO. Whee! But this post isn't really about cakewalking a TF, it's about getting along with the friends you're playing with.

My two friends I'm playing with are great guys, but one of them is just sloppy enough tactically to make me grate my teeth. He's playing a fire/ice blaster with hover/flight. The other friend is a kinetics/rad defender with superspeed, and I'm an illusion/empathy controller with superjump (and superior invis). I don't want to turn this into a rant on my friend, so suffice to say he tends to not think about where people are before shooting, and generally draws more aggro on us than we have to have. He did die only about 3 times the whole TF, but it was close on a number of others. And just generally, I don't like to have to switch over into spam-only-heals mode; if I'm not holding back the exploding zombies and the various lieutenants, then everyone takes more damage. I know he's a sloppy player, I know he gets on my nerves if I play a lot with him. I can't expect him to change, I know he's not going to.

On the other hand, now that the TF is over the defender has her snipe back so all the confusion during pulling should be solved because she's the puller not the blaster. Similarly, I'm 17th level and when I hit 18 I'll get phantom army and thus we'll have some pseudo-tank pets. So, we may be in better shape than I think. The other thing is, I'm not sure I want to be tied down. We had problems making time to play before, and this is my main character. I want to get some more levels under him. Still, we do seem an effective trio... I think it's pretty good when a blaster, controller, and defender get swarmed with 6 yellow Vahz minions and a yellow and an orange mortificator and they all live or maybe just the blaster faceplants briefly. (Honestly, one of the deaths was actually a benefit because the blaster was at 0 End upon death and Resurrection brought that back up to full so the chain nuking continued).

So, thoughts?
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Officer Friendly

Villain exchange

I posted this in a reply over here, but I thought it might bear posting on its own.

The CoV gameplay is fantastic. I'm trying to decide which of my alts on Virtue to delete to open up some extra slots.

A slight problem, however. Given that you can't be logged in to the same account as both a hero and a villain at the same time, that negates the possibility of taking your heroes against their Praetorian counterparts, if you also run those characters. How to get around that? What about a character exchange? For example, (and this is just an example, I'm picking a random player/character), crack_city could take Superior's Praetorian nemesis, Supremacy, while I take (random name) Scream Queen, Bigscreen's nemesis. Hell, we could even do it as a secret Santa thing, where a person puts in their server, their character's name, their character's powers, preferred Praetorian name(s), and possibly preferred Praetorian's powers, then drop them in a pot.

Just an idea. Any interest? It needs some fleshing out, but I think it might be worth looking at.
Epsilon Omega

In case people missed the announcement last night..


(The gist of which says, COV+COH monthly price == COH monthly price! plus, 4 new character slots per server for players of both games.... also, Cuppajo just posted to the boards:

Answering some questions -

It's 12 slots per server total. It is highly probable that we will be adding more servers as well.

you log in to either CoV or CoH and pick a server you will go to a
character screen that shows both your heroes and villains. You can have
2 Heroes and 10 Villains or any combo that adds up to 12.

You cannot log in to CoH and CoV at the same time unless you have multiple accounts.

Your bulk pricing rates (multiple month purchases) will stay the same.

We would like to offer additional character slots for a fee in the near future and are working on making this a reality.
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short time lurker, hiya.

Question: The whole apeal of the preorder is so that you get the game 2 days before it's on the shelf there by giving you two whole days to become that much more cool then everyone else.

Well I had been waiting till they stated how much the montly cost would be. Now that the cat is out of the bag I went to preorder my copy. I went to best buy because thats where I normaly shop for this kind of stuff. I then noticed I had to pay for shipping which is odd because most time time places have free shipping on things over x amount of dollars. No biggie 1.99 wont kill me. Then I looked at the estimated time of arival. 11/03!!! WHAT THE HELL? To get the game one day before it's to hit the shelves I have to pay 9.99 for next day delivery. Is this something the places are going to compensate for so that the "pre-orders" do get to the people on the day they are supposed to or is it something a lot of us just got shafted on.

I haven't placed the order yet.


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Hunan human

A thought

Precis: Stupid people who play the game poorly should die more often, which should instruct them that their method of play is faulty.

FACT: Sadly, this never happens.
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Newbie, CoH

Dark reflections

My dark/sonic defender is now level 18. Yes, I took Health, in order to take a certain other power at 20. Endurance is not a problem when teaming, but it is the single bottleneck when soloing. With ShadowFall as protection, Darkest Night as accuracy debuff and Twilight Grasp to heal myself, staying alive is largely a matter of not doing something out and out stupid. (Like let the anchor run circles around the building alerting every single villain to my presence...) But finishing the mission is largely a question of endurance. In teams, the new defender inherent power means that if my teammates even get a scratch, I suddenly have more endurance. That, and I don't need to do all the damage all the time. I end up giving away every single blue pill I find.

One detail irks me. My signature power, the accuracy debuff, uses an enhancement that is not available as DO, and presumably not SO, unless you cultivate that particular contact. If there was any obvious way to know which contact sells magic enhancements, fine. So far every new contact has been intorduced with "...has access to training enhancements." Dude, I have access to them too. In the shop. Imagine empath defenders not getting DO or SO heal enhancements without doing missions for every random contact until they found the right one, and then doing the same every five levels when they outgrow their existing contacts. Mass exodus would ensue. In my case, if I want to team I only have time to follow up one or two contacts, so how do I know which one sells accuracy debuffs?
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CoH comic book

Just read this in an e-mail update from NCSoft that was mostly promoting CoV.

To ensure delivery to everyone including our international customers, the primary method of distribution for the City of Heroes comic book will now be digital. Starting with Issue 7, we will post a digital copy of the comic book for all City of Heroes and City of Villains players to view and/or save.

If you would like to purchase printed copies, they will be available via your PlayNC Account Management page at a reduced rate from the newsstand price and will be delivered to your door! Announcements will be made on the City of Heroes website and on the City of Heroes game updater to let you know when you can opt-in for the printed version. As always, copies of the comic can also be purchased at your local comic book store.

So if you want a traditional printed comic book, soon you're going to have to pay for it.

What if...?

What if Hamidon decided to stop being a sitting duck there in the Hive? There's now even police drones in Peregrine and his cute monsters can't come and splat the heroes anymore. What if he decided enough was enough, and to secretly raise a Hamidon Bud in the sewers of Paragon City, and when it was fully grown, launching a full scale attack in Atlas Park?

That is what would happen ;P

Regular raid leaders from the Freedom Server depicted here... my own Doctor Leo is sitting in Atlas' head.

On a more serious note... we really need a site to trade HOs with each other! I was thinking in making one, but I'm not sure if the monthly bandwidth I get from my crappy server will be up for it (only 6GB). If there's interest in this, I can give it a try making it basic HTML with very very few graphics, like the City Badge Tracking website. It would let you add your toon in whatever server you are, the HOs you have up for trade, and what you want for them. Basic, but getting the job done. I currently have Nucleolus (dmg+acc), Enzyme (debuffs+endred) and Lysosome (debuffs+accuracy); I'm looking for more Nucleolus (dmg+acc), Cytoskeleton (buffs+endred), Ribosome (resistance+endred) or what have you (send a tell to @Metalark). I'm in the Freedom server.