October 7th, 2005

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I've got an idea that I'm going to pitch to the devs at one point or another, or you guys can take the initiative if you like it and pitch it yourselves. Tell me if you like it...

There needs to be a "mutiny" vote ability for teams to change the star. Hear me out... how many times have you been on a team with a HORRIBLE leader? Someone who doesn't set the mission for 5 minutes, or doesn't say anything and just keeps inviting people, or pulls leeroys at every opportunity? There should be some set of checks and balances to offset the occational crappy leader. In comes the mutiny vote system. If some majority percentage of the people on the team vote to mutiny, then the star is passed to a different person. It could be the next person on the list, or it could be the person that initiated the voting. This could eliminate the need to quit and reform teams because of one person that shouldn't be the leader. Sure, there are ways to abuse it, but it's no worse than leaders abusing the kick command now, and I think that the benefits outweigh the possible abuses by far.

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I deleted my combat/local tabs that were above the chat window, now instead of two windows I have one. I am trying to put it back to two windows but cannot. Anyone know where I can go to figure this out? Or what I can do to go back to how it was defaulted with two windows and all the text above (i.e. Team/Tab/1/2/etc.)

Okay, I finally did it right. :)
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I'm thinking about getting COV for my current COH account, and getting a second account that I'd also like to have COV with. What do you think would be the most economical way to do that?

Thank you, Winamp.

A moment of perfect beauty, brought to me by random shuffle.

I'm rescuing Bentley Berkeley, everyone's favorite centuries-old immortal, tonight. Again. Guess what Winamp gave me, right in the middle of the mission?

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever

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