October 8th, 2005

Newbie, CoH

PUG, Justice style

My Dark defender was still level 18, and looking for team. Got an invite where almost everyone else was in the mission already. This is a good sign that things are not going in the favor of your host. True enough, on arrival I found them all huddling near the elevator. One tanker and various squishies. The tanker was 16, one of the two other defenders was sidekicked, the mission was level 18 and Invincible. (Somehow I tend to remember that as "impossible". Hmm.)

So we took the elevator upstairs, where evidently a surprise party waited for us. The tanker immediately went back into the elevator, while the rest of us fought for a while and were wiped out. At this point I had used the time to take a measure of the opposition, and found that the big problem was the sorcerer that healed trolls and tsoo alike. I told everyone this as I returned from the hospital. If we take out the sorcerer, we can do it. There was agreement.

So we took the elevator again. The hallway was now empty, so someone pulled a sorcerer and we pummeled him. Alas, his friend showed up and started healing him, and then the rest of the villains trickled in. The tanker ran for the elevator again, shouting "run!" and "elevators" and words in that vein. The rest of us fought various villains and were wiped out.

At this point I pointed out that we needed to actually concentrate on just the sorcerers, and one of them at a time. There was agreement again. But this time the leader also invited a lvl 18 scrapper. We went upstairs again. And now, miraculously, the tanker did not run away, probably because the scrapper was there. We put to rest the sorcerer, then the second sorcerer, and then cleaned the floor with the rest of the villains as predicted. From that moment on, the tanker never ran away again. On the contrary, he kept running ahead, but that worked well enough since we all had travel powers. We did several missions, all on Invincible, leveled up and kicked criminal derriere in style. One of the better teams I've been on, in terms of both XP and satisfying excitement.

Just goes to show something, uhm ... "don't judge the pickup team until it's disbanded"? Something like that. ^_^ I love this server.
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CoV names...

So... before I hit the forums, I thought I'd see if anyone had heard anything about this particular thought I had.

Since it's been announced that CoV and CoH will exist on the same servers, with an increase to the number of slots on each server, I was wondering how that will affect names and what you can name your villain.

In other words, when the CoH beta ended with the Rikti war, we all had the opportunity to go reserve some primo names on the servers before they wiped them for the beginning of play. If they're going to use the CoH servers, are we going to be able to have villains who have the same names as heroes, or are the villains going to relegated to sifting through the "what's left" of character names. Meaning, am I going to have to scramble just to get my grubby hands on something like "Captain Doiley135"?

I just thought I'd see if anyone knew of an existing thread on the CoH forums concerning this particular thought, or if I should just go ahead and post it and see if a red-name will answer.
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Bind Wishes

I thought of two binds I wish I could create:

1. An about-face bind that will make me instantly face the direction opposite of what I was facing. Even before I made it I knew { /bind T "++turnright" } was not the right bind, but it was all I could think of to try.

2. A bind that would put the mouse arrow right in the middle of the screen for those times when things get so hectic I loose my mouse (I hope I'm not the only one who does this - sometimes I get excited and over-mouse so it goes away). This causes me to whip my mouse all around to find the arrow again. As far as I know, there is NO WAY to manipulate the mouse from the keyboard, so is this bind or action a total fantasy?

If you know of a way to do these or just perform similar actions, I'd love to read your thoughts.

Or, what binds do you wish you could make, but haven't been able to figure out? Maybe I could help with those.
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Enhancement Diversification

For those of you not in the CoV beta, Positron originally posted this on the beta boards, and so many people were throwing the NDA to the wind to post it for CoH players that CuppaJo has posted it to the official boards.

So no, I'm not breaking the NDA by posting this here since Cuppa has done that already. ;)

This is a huge, huge change to the game, and everyone here should read this:

click here

I predict the CoH boards will explode within the hour. Don't forget your flame-retardant suits before you venture in. :)
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