October 10th, 2005


On City of Villains...

So do people think that City of Villains will get many new people into CoV and CoH? Or just spread the current playerbase's playing time between the two?

I guess if it brings CoH/CoV into the glare of game publicity again, both will get some new players...

Here's waiting for very stupid people standing in Atlas Park right after finishing "Outbreak" broadcasting "hay im new. howdo i bcum villain???111 lol heroz sux"

CoV/CoH features -- Power Crystals?

I saw this on GameSpot.com's first impressions review of COV:

You'll actually need these defensive additions [to your SG base] to safeguard your group's captured power crystals, which you can be add to you base after you seize control of them. Captured crystals grant powerful bonuses to all players in a specific group, like the ability to deal increased damage in battle, or to receive bonus experience points after defeating enemies or completing adventures. We're told that Cryptic plans to include several different types of crystals, including generic crystals that provide minor bonuses, as well as a few types of extremely powerful, unique crystals that will likely end up changing hands among the most powerful hero and villain groups on each of the game's servers. This is because groups of both villains and heroes can stage raids on each other's bases to attempt to steal away the power crystals. Considering how powerful some of the rarest crystals will be, most groups probably won't give them up without a fight (or at least, without buying a chaingun turret or two)

This sounds really interesting and I'm considering coming back to the game as a result of some of these new features... I do believe the devs will work to address the endurance usage problems that E.D. is going to introduce as well as the tanker defensive power problems it will also introduce. Once those birth pangs are fully worked through things should be a more even playing field for everyone.

Under the current enhancement system (without E.D.) everyone is going to *have* to take perma-Hasten if they want to have any chance at all of beating another SG to protect their power crystals. Think about it -- one SG is made up of characters who all have perma-Hasten while their challengers is a group made up of some with and some without perma-Hasten. Clearly the fully perma-Hastened group will have an advantage in being able to attack more frequently. This has to be addressed, otherwise min-maxers will always have the power crystals and the fights over these ingame objects will be reduced to a battle between only SGs made up of power gamers. Anyhow, just my .02 on some motivating factors behind ED and it's effect of ridding the game of perma-Hasten.

These new features are exciting... It's going to be *so* fun pwning furry/rp nerd SGs and ganking their power crystals. I can't wait.
Hob Auf!


A Winamp skin that, when in Windowshade mode, looks like it would fit in with the CoH/V user interface.

Anybody have any leads/willingness to produce?
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Officer Friendly

Addendum to yesterday's post about Enhancement Diversification

Earlier post:

I forgot that, during my hunt for 30 Council yesterday, I stumbled across a level 31 Devouring Earth ambush that someone had left near the tram. 6 DE minions of various types, 2 lts. There was at least one each of tree-type, rock type, mushroom-type, and gem-type. They had already dropped a Tree of Life and one other emanator. I took them all out with the use of maybe 3 or 4 inspirations, in about a minute's time, with no real danger of dying, solo.

I had meant to add that into my earlier post, but forgot.

Statesman Reply

Finally Statesman posted an official response to the cries.


EDIT: yes as many have noticed this link is broken. However it did use to point to the right place, and as such I am leaving it up here. (just for the fun of the conspiracy theories)

here is the new link


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Server Names and CoV

So, I had this idea. Instead of the servers simply named one thing, they could tack another (perhaps opposite) word to the servers. Virtue, for instance, would become Virtue and Vice. Victory would be Victory and Defeat. Protector would be Protector and Agressor. Etc. People who played villains could say "I've got the most evil guy on Vice" instead of the really lame sounding and laughter inducing "I've got the most evil guy on Virtue." This might also stop the new server(s) - assuming they bring some up - not get swamped as much because they're named a more appropriate villainous name. Anyone think this would be worth suggesting?

Starting a CoV group on Virtue soon.


Server: Virtue

Hi, I'm looking for friendly (yet devious) folks to help me form a good group of people called The X-Patriots. Maturity is a must, with a bent for RP a big plus.

RP events, grouping, laughs, PvP and just general fun are the directives, and for those that wish to lead, recruit, etc, there are very clear guidelines on how to advance.

Anyhow, check out the site for a backstory and guild philosophy, and the War Room is the forums. If interested register there :)

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Altitis subsiding...

I notice that while in the past I usually stopped playing around level 10-12, I have played the last few chars to over 20. Perhaps it is because I have a better idea what character to create now, and how to equip them. Or perhaps I am just growing old. I may have to change my logo if this continues... ^_^
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