October 11th, 2005

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Oddly enough, despite my displeasure on the new enhancement nerfs they announced.... guess who got their invite to the CoV beta?

And here I thought they were done recruiting... Oh well.

Unfortunately, I can't talk about it here.... not that I could anyway, since the darn thing won't work. I followed the instructions with the setup, but all the updater seems to do is try and put files on my desktop, then somehow close itself, open itself again, retry putting files on the desktop, repeat a few times, and then give up and open CoH instead.

I log in and find my hero characters... and no evidence at all to say that CoV even loaded.

Here's what I did, like the instructions said to after I signed up... I downloaded the updater, put it on my desktop, and ran it to get the above mentioned result. Afterwards I loaded it into my Test Server folder to change the file path like it said to do via shortcut icon, still no go. I loaded it into my regular CoH folder, still no working. I changed my regular CoH folder to download the test client, tried to load CoV then, still no working. I rechanged the file path on the regular CoH icon back to normal, and once again, still no go.

Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you solve it? If I can't get it to work tomorrow I'll try my luck at the board amidst the hundreds of others demanding replies from the devs.... x.x
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Thoughts on Tactics

My kinetics defender hit 42 tonight, and I want to use one of his respecs to make a few changes. He's got the Leadership pool, Maneuvers, Tactics, Vengeance, but I'm considering going Assault, Tactics, Vengeance, instead. (I might even drop a less often used power, Repel (I like it for it's situational use), and keep Maneuvers. (The extra damage would be nice, and I use Tactics much more than Maneuvers.)

I think I read a few weeks ago that slotting out Tactics 5-6 times is like adding an accuracy SO in each power. Is this true? Has anyone tried this before? I didn't take the Fitness pool with him, but with Transference (and a few spare CABs just in case) I can usually solve my endurance problems (save in a mass field of serious purples).

I've a few respecs, so I'm not concerned now about the E.D. patch. I can change again later if needed. I'm just thinking about gameplay for him now, as an offender.
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About Thyme!

New policy on naming effective 10/24/05; characters under 35th level for accounts inactive more than 90 days will no longer be reserved. If someone uses a name from an inactive account and that account is later reactivated, they'll get a rename prompt.


I'm so going to make some new alts as soon as this hits. There are some names that it blew my mind were taken and I'm hoping some of them are freed up. However, since there were some free play days given out at Labor day, I'm guessing that it's not going to purge quite as many as really should be. ~_^
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With The City of Villains release on October 31st just around the corner, I'm here to pimp cityofvillains!

Do not violate the NDA; just join! The community is growing and I'd love to see cross-over posts between heroes and villains.

See you on the other side!

J&#39;ohn loves his oreos.

Ooh! Doug love fish!

*sob!* You am all fight over enhancements! You am all better stop or Doug make you all am smell DOUG FEET!!! That right, you heard. Dee-Oh-Yoo-Gee and am Eff-Ee-Ee-Tee! Them am extra smelly now, so you am better be careful!

But today! TODAY TODAY TODAY! Doug enhance day!

Doug fight big fishy!

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ED falsehoods: some hard numbers

From the Dev Response - Tanker thread. Statesman, writing on August 4, 2005:

Invulnerability Auto-Powers don’t give enough of a boost in Invul to make a difference

Here’s the numbers on Auto Powers:

Resist Physical Damage: 7.5% Resist vs. Smashing/Lethal base
Resist Elements: 7.5% Resist vs. Fire/Cold/Toxic
Resist Energies: 7.5% Resist vs. Energy/Negative Energy

Max resist for each is 18.975% (+3 SO’s).

Tough Hide: 5% Defense vs. all damage types except Toxic and Psionic

Max Defense for this is 12.65%.

The official word from the devs is that ED has been in the works since March 2005. In August, however, Statesman said that after i5, we would be able to achieve Max resist for each is 18.975% (+3 SO’s) by six slotting the Tanker invulnerability primary with +3 SOs. This figure assumes that each enhancement has full effect.

I just don't see much room for weaselling here. This is obvious deception in hard numbers.

The Salesman

Reading some of his recent posts, I think Jack Emmert could do better than his current gig. He'd make a great counselor for wounded soldiers in Iraq.

"So you lost your leg, huh? I can see where you might think that's bad. But it's okay! We have lots of alternatives here that are just as... er, almost... they're fun! Look at this chrome-plated prosthetic, for example. Oooo, shiny. Or you can get one in clear plastic... or this one, it's extra-springy... or hey, check out this one! It's got a built-in blender!

Sure, you're upset now, but just try one of these out before you say anything bad. And don't think of this as a life-changing injury - just think of what else you can buy with all the money you'll save on shoes!"

Shameless self promotion.

been playing City of Heroes since that infernal game was released and I am finally getting tired of it. I may be taking a small break for about a month or so. The past few days all I have been doing is playing my heavy hitters..those being my level 50 blaster and scrapper. Can't lose with either of those because I have a few controllers and tankers out there and they just arent doing it for me.

I have a bout 20 alts that arent even in the travel range and that just isnt fun at all. I HATE playing my pre-travel characters. I think I may just be burned out on it....so I think a new game for a short while.

Yeah..that should help...because I still love the idea of playing a superhero/villain.

In the meantime...everyone click this link and help me win something cool. Its some sort of trading card of yourself sorta game. I thought it was pretty lame at first but its a time passer.

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Everyone needs to stop complaining...about everyone else

After the umpteenth post/comment like this, I think someone needs to say it: we are here to discuss City of Heroes, NOT whether or not people SHOULD discuss City of Heroes.

Right now, things are planned that make many players upset. The discussion here will absolutely revolve around them as this is big, recent news, and it will not always be positive.

I think it's fair to say that not one single person who is unhappy about the changes will be dissuaded from posting/commenting because someone else makes a post/comment saying 'just stop complaining or quit the game/get a life/etc.'. This isn't productive, it's fairly insulting and annoying, and as I say: it won't have any effect whatsoever on guiding the discussion away from 'I think ED sucks because...'. In fact, it appears that all it does is generate a few dozen replies as to why they should continue talking about the changes.

If you see a post or comment like this and you're tired of hearing it, just move on. It's a big Internet, I'm sure there are other things to read on your friends list. Also, it should be noted that saying something like 'people should just shut up and leave the game if they don't like the changes' then spending paragraphs explaining why the changes are okay is a wee bit hypocritical. Basically, opinions that agree with yours are fine, anyone who disagrees should stop talking about it and just quit playing the game. That's not a very well-built argument and won't do a thing to convince people to stop complaining.

So please, fellow hero types: stop telling other heroes to stop complaing/just quit/etc. Nobody is here to talk about LJ posts/comments, we're all here to talk about CoH. (And yes, I know that a post like this is exactly what I'm speaking out against, but it's the only one of it's kind so far and the only one I'll write.)
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My first unpleasant experience on Justice

I joined a pick-up team, which was OK even though the scrapper honestly believed he was a tanker. He was also a couple levels above the rest of us, but for the most part it went well. At the end we were only three, the tanking scrapper and a blaster and I. The two of them agreed that we should do his mission first, then hers. After finishing his, she asked whether we would do hers now. "Absolutely." But when we were getting in, she suddenly had to leave for 10 minutes. This caused him to invite someone else and decide to take one of his own missions instead, despite our promises to wait for her. I logged inside the mission. I really resent the breaking of promises. At the very least he should have told her immediately when she told she would be gone for 10 minutes. I hate upsetting people, but when I need to, I know which ones to pick. If they break their promises to others, how can I rely on them?
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