October 12th, 2005

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CoH official message board no longer wants me around

I went to the official City of Heroes message boards, and it no longer recognizes my account. It tells me that my game account is no longer active and that I cannot login. The thing is, I have not cancelled the game yet, and haven't even come to a final decision to cancel it.

Something is decidedly fishy here. I am by no means the most intemperate critic of the announced changes to game mechanics who has posted there. It seems that the game is in a full fledged meltdown of customer/player confidence, and that this is how its management means to respond.

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My defender just hit level 42, so I decided to head to Peregrine Island to get the new enhancements. I knew it would take a little while, of course. So, while updating my enhancements, I seriously - and I am not over exaggerating - got 7 invites within the span of 4 minutes. Okay, they weren't blind invites, but I did get 7 different people sending me tells asking if I want to be PL'ed/a Mid/or Bridged. I could not believe it. That was the most invites I have received in a week. That is pretty sad. I guess it was because I was standing around Ghost Falcon, because everyone who came by asked if I was on a team. Some people tried to even use the, "We really need a healer, we could really use you" bit. But I wasn't falling for it. I just thought that was amusing. Sadly, I denied everyone, because I was about to log. I usually never say "yes" to a PL/Mid/Bridge invite, due to what happened last time I joined one. (To refresh your memory --- Crazy tank saying I wouldn't heal him when I wasn't even in the mission at the time because I was traveling!)
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Well guys, as pissed as I am at support right now for dicking me over with rollback, I managed to get Darqrawr to level 50 after 667 hours of playtime. :) I'm so giddy right now.

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Well, folks, my fiance isn't a member of this community, but I just wanted to get on and say yay over his reaching level 50 this past Monday. We started playing together in June, and he's already to 50! I'm still back at 36, but I don't play as much as he does. So yay for him!
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The Farmer: XSF Getaway

This is kind of City of Heroes related.

Well, it's heroes related.

See, I'm what you would call a writer. Due to depression/lack of motivation/school/work/etc, I don't get a chance to write as often as I'd like. Anyway, I managed to complete my first novella based in my own superhero universe. And recently, the novella's first chapter has been published online. No pay for it, but it's still exposure.

So, I think there are several people on here that would enjoy reading it. Please keep in mind that there are some small editorial mistakes ("from Nova Scotia to Halifax" should "Nova Scotia to Calgary") that I didn't pick up before it went online. Still, I think you guys will enjoy it. Any feedback or comments would be appreciated.

Not sure when the next chapter will go online yet but I think it's bi-weekly.

EDIT: Blargh. That is all:


Glad to be back

This is a non-current event post, something I ment to post a week or so ago.

If you didn't know, six weeks ago Hurricane Katrina ripped through my city causing me much distress, worry, and heartache. It also caused me to miss lots of time I could have been playing COH. Issue 5 hit the Wednesday after Katrina did and I wasn't there for any of it. I got to play COH a few times while in exile, lucky for me the city I was in wasn't hit hard by Katrina. But much of my time spent in exile was boring because having no money and basically no entertainment left me yearing for COH. I was really happy when I entered and actually won that background contest that was held on here, it as fun to read everyones entries. The whole fact of the matter a few weeks ago was this: I really love this game and there was little to no way I could even think about playing it.

Well dunno if you'll be glad to hear, but I didn't get it so bad from Katrina. She spared my apartment and only caused me some inconvience and irritation. I'm one of the lucky ones here to tell you that I'm back home putting my life and my city back togeather. Getting back to a more regular routiene has caused me to have time to play the game again and for that I am grateful. Just this past week alone I hit level 36 with Janus and even had an idea for a new toon, and played her up a few levels. So if your on Justice and see me around, I'd be happy to party with ya.

It's great to be back guys, I'm enjoying myself again.
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Carrot for SR scrappers

Posted by Statesman:


* * * * *

I've alluded to this in a couple of places, but I wanted to describe something we'll be doing for Super Reflexes quite soon...

Super Reflexes Auto powers (Agile, Dodge, and Lucky) now add some minor damage resistance. This Damage resistance starts at 0%, but improves as the caster loses HP. The Resistance kicks in at 60% HP (when HP bar first changes color) and markedly increases at 40% and 20% (again, when the bar changes color). We have not yet determined the exact values.

This change is in addition to the recent modification that gave most Defense Primary and Secondary powers resistance to Defense Debuffs (self Defense powers).

* * * * *

And so continues the trend of giving us buffs that all seem to be relying on the fact that we'll be spending a lot more time close to death than we used to.