October 13th, 2005


Contact Couples

Maxwell Christopher/Janet Kellum:

Mulder, I'm really not interested in your paranoid ravings about Nemesis being entirely composed of delicious pudding. And Scully, get more sleep or wear less eyeshadow or both. Federal agents should not look like Goth raccoons. In fact, I think you could both use a new assignment; the stress is obviously getting to you.


For the record, I am neither Father Lawrence nor the Nurse. Please find someone else to deliver your coded mash notes to each other. Also, thanks to both of you, the words "Blue Light Special" will always make me cringe.

Angus McQueen/Tina Macintyre:

No, I don't really want to know more about "comparative anatomy: Rikti." I've seen plenty of Rikti and they were all OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?! I knew you were named for a bull, but please, PLEASE put that back wherever it came from. Tina, is this what you meant about "working closely with the FBI"?
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All apologies


My trusty Mac has had a series of issues that have pushed me WAY off schedule... I apologize deeply, and thank you for your patience. The problems should all be remedied by tomorrow evening, and I'll be back to work on the remaining portraits at that time.

Again, thank you for your patience... I hope you all enjoy the work so far in the Hero Portrait Studio Gallery: http://pics.livejournal.com/uziel_twentyone/gallery/00005xtd

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DEF-based melee ATs

Some chap on the UK boards said "I want an SR fix that's true to the concept."
Well, yes. So would I. Unfortunately, the only way I can think of to actually pull it off involves throwing out the current "to-hit" mechanics and changing the values of every DEF power in the entire game, not just the SR and Icy Aura powers.
Basically, the way I'd handle DEF it is that if you have net positive DEF, that percentage of attacks miss when they would otherwise have hit; if you have net negative DEF, that percentage of attacks hit when they would otherwise have missed. In both cases, the 5/95 clamp would be applied after all other to-hit/defence calculations are complete. This makes 20% DEF statistically equivalent to 20% resistance in any reasonable circumstance. (It breaks when your attacker's chance to hit is above the ceiling or below the floor, but there's no way round that.)
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(no subject)

Can someone direct me to where to get the ATI driver so my -NDA Prevents me to say the name- doesn't only show half of the screen?

I have a Radeon x300 for my Fujitsu N Series n3511 Lifebook

Any help is appreciated
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So now that the NDA is gone....

....I can say that I am thoroughly enjoying the heck out of my Fire Blast/Kinetics Corruptor. >;)

And the best part for me is the inherent power that Corruptors get, which is called Scourge. It works as sort of an opposite of a Blaster's Defiance-- the lower your enemy's HP, the higher the chance of you hitting for double damage. And the farther in the red they are, the lower their chance of resisting Scourge at all.

And with a /Kinetics? Hehehehe. I'm already looking forward to running into a bunch of mobs, using Fulcrum Shift and following it up with Inferno. >:)

OK. Off to beta test. More impressions later.
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(no subject)

I'm cross posting this, but eventually I'll keep specific game talk to that game's community, right now - it's a bit in between.

So, FilePlanet is having the big stress test this weekend. From what the Devs have posted, it's giving me the impression that regular beta testers will be locked out of this.

From the Devs:

Greetings, Villains!

The test session will be extended by one hour again tonight, so we will be ending at 10pm Central (8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern, 9pm Mountain). Base raids and base editing have been disabled for this session.

Tomorrow’s regular session (Friday, 10/14) will not take place due to the big weekend stress test, which will already be in progress.

Note: Due to the weekend stess test, you will see some temporary changes to the beta boards, but everything will be restored early on Monday.

We will resume on Monday with our regularly scheduled programming, and we are very hopeful that we can announce greatly expanded testing hours early next week! You guys are truly awesome, and because so many of you logged in last night, we broke our all-time record for simultaneous logins by a wide margin. In a nutshell, you brought the server to its knees, and we uncovered a great deal of very useful information.

While sometimes your efforts might seem like an exercise in futility, please be assured that it’s extremely helpful to us on this end. Because of your participation (and pain and suffering) lately, we are on the verge of being able to expand server availability.

Thank you for everything!

Yours in villainy,

So, does anyone else read anything different into that? Like I said, it sounds like we're being shut out from this, and that sounds kinda dumb, what with it being a stress test and all.
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Level 15 CoV Titles

So today in the beta, my main character got bumped from 14 to 24 (with the influence to match, too-- I got to buy most of my SO's as well), and I had the chance to write down all of the first round of villain titles for the game.

Since I keep getting mapserver disconnects and lag, I thought I'd share this during my forced downtime.

Collapse )

Maybe that list will inspire a character name for someone here. Who knows? ;)

(crossposted to cityofvillains)
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COV: Enhancement Diversification

So now that the NDA is gone, I may speak.

I got my DM/Fire Brute, Morgan Mayhem to level 23 tonight thanks to the level bump. Got her suited up with level 20 DO's , diversifying. Most damage I had was 3 DO's. (Shoot! I just remembered it's 22 you can start using SO's! Anyway, that's not a problem, I can fix it.) And I managed to solo a level 23 Eclipse Warwolf (orange to me) without a problem.

That was a real good test to me. And I think I can safely say that our toons in CoV and CoH will be fine. May take some rethinking of how we use our powers, but I think diversifying will be a good thing. I actually hit more and hit quicker, and it was nice to have Hasten for in a pinch.
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Enhancement Diversification & the NDA

So I got on to the beta server last night and saw how the new interface works. Very nice You see what your % bonus is and what it will be before you lock your enhancement. Only problem is you don't know what it will be until you purchase from what I can tell.

While the test server is lagged horribly, what I was able to see was very nice. Plant/thorns Dominator is really cool and I look forward to trying out a rad/rad Corrupter (basically the reverse of my main on CoH.)
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I've been planning to link up some of my screenshots for a while now, but never did.

However, now I have a reason to.

I won't hotlink these images, cause I didn't bother to shrink them.

First, as I was training Law Shocker up to L11 tonight, I met an old friend from Outbreak! She finally got out of that building!

And then, there are a few odd birds I saw hanging around Atlas back in July of this year. I forget what server.

There were also some Mexican Wrestlers I saw hanging around King's Row September of last year. They were very odd. Sorry about the picture, my older computer has a less nifty graphics card than the one I use now.

OK, and the obligatory two pictures from City of Villains Beta:

Al'Katz are grey in the dark ... Al'Katz (stalker) has this problem with clipping. (Yes, I bugged it.) His paws should NOT be embedded in his butt.
Kaosbrinker On Fire ... Kaosbrinker is my lizard-dude (brawler) and someone threw napalm on him - apparently some kind of long-lasting buff - and he was going around with this annoying fiery aura for quite a long time.