October 14th, 2005

Talk this over

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People, this has been annoying me for a long time, but it hasn't been too prevalent... Now with the NDA lifted, it's suddenly at the forefront of my mind again.

Please, I'm asking you this as a friend, PLEASE just post once, to the community most appropriate. Yes, City of Heroes and City of Villains are related. Yes, people that like one will probably like the other. And YES, people that like both are probably subscribed to both communities! There's no reason to post something in city_of_heroes when it's about City of Villains! If someone's not a member of both communities, it's probably because they're not interested in one game or the other, and for everyone that is subscribed to both communities you're double posting to their friends page, and pushing a different post off.

This isn't just limited to City of Villains crossposts... If you're posting about some event happening on Virtue, just post it in coh_virtue! Everyone that's interested in Virtue should be subscribed to that community! And if you really, absolutely think that it's something people not usually interested in Virtue should know, then just post it to city_of_heroes. There's no reason to post to both!

I'm not trying to sound harsh, but please, just be considerate.

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Rescue the Fortune Teller

Tonight (around 8PM Eastern) on Victory, I'll be collecting folks for a run through the coveted Fortune Teller mission.

BladegrassPrime (14 Natural Archery/Energy Blaster) will be your host, so send her a /tell if you're interested. If I'm not online yet, send in-game email to @Ex-calibur and I'll /tell you when I've logged on.

I'd prefer folks of a similar level so we can hang out and run a few missions afterwards (I'll be online from 8 to 10-ish), but sidekicks and exemplars are welcome. Sidekicks will need to be at least Security Level 7 so they can get into Perez Park.
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Lost on Liberty

It seems that my once very active, very much beloved SG on Liberty has become defunct, which saddens me. I have several toons on Pinnacle (mainly my two uber defenders - D3 and Emp/Rad), but I have recently found that I love playing my lvl 27 Dark/Regen scrapper on Protector named "Juan Kage" (love that name).

I have been playing with teams in Croatoa, and I have been loving it! I had no idea how powerful this guy was. I mainly play controllers and defenders so I'm very rarely on the frontline, dealing out damage. This guy kicks ass!

If anyone has a lvl 27+ toon on Protector that wants to team up, let me know. I'm on during the day and night. I'm on global listing as @Trovian.

Look me up!

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I'm glad they take the time to do upgrades and fix things, but I really wish they do it at some other time. Yet anther day with out being able to play, since my main gaming time is 830am cst to 11am cst.
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Scrubs:  Day Off 5

Today's Small Patch


* Fixed a bug in Defender/Lightning Blast/Lightning Bolt: It was buffing Recovery instead of debuffing it.
* Made sure Defenders' Vigilance also gives you an Endurance discount from defeated teammate.
* Toned down the f/x of Sonic powers again.
* The Super Zenith Mech has been repaired and is fully functional.
* Tuatha Bosses' Resistance powers now work.

City Zones

* Croatoa: The locals have received a stern talking to and will no longer attack the mythical 'Sally' of Lake Salamanca on sight.


* Arena Stores once again sell Break Free Inspirations (no longer selling Awaken).


* Croatoa: In the Katie Hannon TF, players will now be awarded badges for defeating wave attacks even if they are outside the mission map when a wave is defeated (in the hospital, for example).
* Croatoa: Players can now get the TF mission from Katie Hannon even if they failed Buck's final mission.
* Fixed several bugs with rescued hostages not following players
* Striga Isle: Fixed bug in Ernesto Hess TF that made it impossible to complete.
* Fixed several errors in mission and souvenir text.
* Terra Volta: The reward selections are displaying properly again.


* Kheldians are no longer able to make costume changes at Tailor shops while shapeshifted. This prevents several costume errors from happening.
* The command /release_pets will no longer unsummon enemy pets as well as the player's pets.


* Improved game stability.
* Fixes for ATI 9100 IGP and 9000 Mobility Rendering Errors.

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Since the server I play on is down, I have nothing to do. So I was looking through my birthday pictures taken only a week ago, and I was thinking that you guys might like this. I know, I know, I know, it's a little lame. A little nerdy. A little dorky. You don't have to tell me twice, but I seriously like it. And my parents are so cute for getting me it. Anyways, here it is, try not to laugh at me too much. [I just thought it would make you guys laugh - and I really hope it does!]

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Okay, time to go cower in embarassment!
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Something about ED

Well... 90% of my Active SG is now fully in ED mode.

We've been in the shard and we tested there.

Not much of an impact. We've needed to rely on heal insps a little more but that's just about it.

Our katana/inv scrapper and our Inv/fire tanker take a bit more damage.

Our Regen / claws scrapper did less damage but hit more.

Overall it seems like we hit a hell of a lot more, specially since all my rad blast powers are 1 acc, 3 damage,2 def debuffs.

Accelerate Metobalism is now 3 recharges, 3 end recovers.

We got wiped a few times but we were having that problem anyway. ( the perception of those damn ralaruu things are pretty expansive and if we aggro'd a second / third group o them it was hurt city before we self ED'd)

The only major changes we had was the fight lasted a little longer as we've always been tactics heavy. We've used myself and the blaster to pull lt's/bosses to get a full group to us. Be self ED the tanker would run in, aggro a group, and bring it to us for the slaughter. Now snipers pull and run around a corner, tanker/scrapper engage when close, and Earth controller cages them.

All in all it seemed to make it a little more fun but it was no where near as much impact as I5 was.
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free friend trial

Apparently my so-called "friends" are busy with World of Walking.

Does anyone have a use for the Friend's Pass to 14 Day Free Trial I got with my City of Villains pre-order?

First person to claim it is the new owner.

[Update: Friend's Pass delivered to new owner.]
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