October 15th, 2005

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I've lost my last marble

So am I going crazy? Or does anyone else get this message with the current patch?

The servers are up, there are people in the game playing. I've turned off my firewall, I've dug through the forums, I can't find any currently "known issues" that compare to my problem.

I hope it's not a malware issue I've done the usual scans with 3 separate programs. Everything is up to date.
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Puck (silly)

This made me laugh...



Just to clarify...we're changing Bloody Bay into a Hero vs. Villain zone (so villains can't attack each other). Siren's Call still works this way - and Warburg is still a free for all (but it's for levels 30+). I figure at the higher levels players can handle themselves a little better, but I didn't want someone's first PvP experience in a zone to be a free for all; too much possibility for ganking.

Riiiiiiight. If if was true that high level players could "handle themselves a little better," would those shiny new police drones have been needed in the Portal Corps courtyard? Every time I've been stalked and repeatedly had my kills stolen in Atlas Park as a newbie hero, the griefer player has been at least Level 30 or above. Heck, a few days ago I saw a post here where someone complained about monster dragging by Level 45+ greifers during a Hami raid.
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Newbie (well... sort of) question: Hammies

Ok, my main (claws/SR scrapper) is 45 and I know next to nothing about Hammidon Enhancements.

I have heard you can't buy them, but do they just start... falling off baddies at this level randomly, or do I have to do the Hammie raid in order to get them? I have yet to head into the Hive (I was actually just reminded that I can even go in there now), so if they are floating around there like fruit in Yoshi Story, I just haven't seen them yet. ;)

If it's the raid thing, is anyone at about that level on Guardian doing it anytime soon?
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Puck (silly)

CoH test / CoV beta

Okay... the way CoV beta is set up, it uses the same updater as the CoH test server. So if I attempt to load the CoH test server... is that going to bork up CoV and make me have to re-download the CoV stuff again? It kinda took forever the first time, and I don't want to go through all that again.
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