October 16th, 2005

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Keat pushed through the level 39 doldrums (wherein he was completely out of missions and had to street hunt, which I'm not used to and which got me killed several times) to the brand new, shiny, lvl 40. Part of this involved a respec TF with Ms. Insomnia, Wade, VimNVigor, and Smokey Stover on the Liberty server, all of whom are immensely cool and very competent and you should not hesitate to team with them. We had the worst keyboard malfunction I have ever personally witnessed, which involved autorun not turning off and causing one of us to fling himself violently into the middle of a dense knot of Freak Tanks, while the defender was rebooting his computer. We managed to survive that actually more or less in one piece, which was nothing short of amazing.

In celebration I ran through a number of Indigo's missions—since Keat is a /dark scrapper, and since he has the ability to two-shot or sometimes one-shot minions, sappers have not been the nightmare they could be, so I actually can sit back and enjoy the Malta missions. Inclusive of things like "so it's really sort of an invitation. An invitation to an ambush" and the sheer patheticness of watching KoA minions try to go invisible inside my mez aura.

After that, I'm doing Carnies. Crey bore me.

I also took a brief tour of the Shadow Shard, wherein I learned that Eyeballs of Pointy Toothed Doom are not to be messed with, especially when there are approximately 18 bazillion of them, and to my disappointment I also learned there is no such thing as a "group" of Rularuu—the correct term is "batallion" or possibly "division".

Names you were surprised weren't taken.

Even with the constant complaint that there are no new names under the sun, and the hue and cry about the upcoming freeing-up of names, are there still moments when you make a character - and you're surprised that the name wasn't taken?

Case in point: Just made a Claws/DA scrapper just for giggles. Was surprised when the name I'd chosen for my little ball of chaos, "Imbroglia", wasn't taken. I mean, I know Imbroglio is probably somewhere, but I was shocked that no one'd tried a feminine form of the name.

Same with reserving Girl Alpha to be a nemesis for my CoH SG the other day. And my Grav/Kin named Tiltawhirl, which I only made...a month ago?

My husband is still aghast that "Equal Justice" wasn't taken on his end of things.

Anyone else?
GI Joe vs Transformers


Does anyone else use a Nostromo gamepad when playing CoH? Recently I've been getting a USB conflict that blue screens or randomly reboots my computer when playing CoH and using the Nostromo. I thought it might have been the newest drivers causing the problem, but a friend helped me change them back to the old ones (PC locked up during uninstall three times) and it still causes problems. I logged in tonight and managed to get halfway across Skyway before I got a BSOD.

The forums I've read say its a common problem, but don't really mention any solutions. I was hoping that if anyone here had a similar problem they would have some advice.