October 17th, 2005


You'd be super in my group

If anyone has unaffiliated magic origin heroes on Guardian, I'm recruiting members for Arcana, Inc. I'm putting it together partially because it's getting harder to find people for TFs and such, partially to be a resource for mentoring and enhancement trades, and a lot because I want a hidden retreat to wallow in occult ritual and flirt with elder gods.

Also, if you're affiliated with another origin-themed SG I'd love to form a coalition with representation from each one.

/tells to Master of Magma on Guardian or @Spacemunky on global
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From the devs on the CoV boards:

"We certainly haven't forgotten about the people who pre-ordered. You'll likely see an announcement within the next day or two."

I'll let someone else do the crossposting, since I'm pretty sure we all read both.

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So I started 3 or 4 levels ago with the Hollows missions with Lord Ymir just because I hadn't done them before and now I'm at the Cavern of Transcendence mission. I really would like to do this trial, but my character is now level 20 and I need 7 other folks to help me out.

Is it too late for me to do this trial (isn't the range 12 - 15)? If it isn't, is anyone interested running through it with me some time?


Oops. I'm refering to the Champion server.
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