October 18th, 2005

Korky laugh

Just my luck.

Flying through King's Row after a mission, heading to the Yellow Line, when I see a rather large stompy robot in the street. Yep, my first Paladin. Only trouble is, it's 2:30am, there's only maybe half-a-dozen other people in the zone, and none respond when I ask for help on broadcast. I even managed to get the thing stuck in the fire escape of a building, so it wasn't going anywhere.

I even ended up standing there saying "It's here Ray, it's looking at me..." )

Been playing over a year and that's the first time I've seen one before it gets taken down, oh well, guess it'll be another year until I get the badge.
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about my preorder

okay so I ordered COV for me and someone else about two weeks ago. I placed my order online through best buy.

I have my email telling me that my order has been placed.

two things:

A. my credit card still has not been billed.

B. I have not gotten any kind of a beta invite.

I know people who ordered CoV like a week ago have only been playing CoH on thier 14 day trial code and they have gotten the beta invite.

Is it like this for anyone else?
Should I try and contact CoH
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You need these stinkin' badges!

I have Negotiator and Spelunker missions lined up and ready to go on Guardian. They're both open to anyone who missed their chance and who doesn't want to pay badge scalpers. I'm running them this Thursday starting with Negotiator at 7pm PST and Spelunker shortly after.
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coh namey
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Comic overload...

So I received all the old comics no problem.

Received Issue #1 of the Top Cow... and then Issue #3.
Contact support about not receiving Issue #2... received the latest (issue #3). *facepalm*
Contact them again, explain that. Receive Issue #2. Yay!

Eventually, issue #5 arrives. D'oh!
Contact support, mention my previous problems with #2 and current lack of #4...
...so now they're sending me issue #4...and issue #2 again.
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CoV & CoH Bases

I posted this over at the CoV community, but thought this kind of applies here since Bases will be available to people who have both CoH and CoV.

I took some screens of my base and a bit of the base creation process. You can find them over here.

And, just as I did at the CoV community, I extend the invitation here. The pics are huge and they are located at a forum site that I welcome each of you to join if you are interested. We talk a lot about games and tech and just whatever comes to mind. A lot of us over there are former CoH players and plenty of potential CoV players. And we welcome any and all. Enjoy your visit.
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(no subject)

Has anyone heard about the "Along Came A Spider" expansion that is part of Issue 6? I logged out of CoH, and the expansion started to download.

I cannot find any info on what all it includes.


All right, is it me or is CoH being weird tonight? I'm trying to log on but it's loading funny. The updator is all 'Connecting.. #45' and the number keeps counting up. Wtf is wrooooong?!
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