October 19th, 2005

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"Can you heal?"

I am still very positive about the population on Justice, but I've noticed that the question "Can you heal?" is usually a bad sign, as in "we are being slaughtered by purples and now we need a defender".
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Celtic Rage Hit 50. What's that make him?

Big damn hero, sir.

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Ain't he just.

Celtic Rage dinged 50 last night, thanks to the help of a few good heroing buddies and a few accomodating bad guys (who did not let things like getting hit in the head with a broadsword discourage them from putting up a fight).

Now I might just get my life back. Maybe.

Wait, that would assume I had a life before. But either way, there's a nice sense of accomplishment going on here, even though it is just a little side-hobby. So will Rage be setting his sword aside?

Hell no. There's a Carnie mistress to arrest, and a certain bubble defender to help reach 50. Not to mention Influence to earn for all of the little alts he has to support. So he'll still be flying around now and then, even after ED, looking for a good scrap or two.

Because that's what scrappers do.

An amusing side effect of levelling in Atlas was having a level 19 hero come running up to congratulate me and say he wanted to give me a gift for reaching level 50. I declined his attempt to pass it over, and then the conversation wnet like this:

Him: I was going to give you 10k. Just a little something for reaching 50.
Me thinking: 10k. How cute.
Me: That's not necessary. I have 22 million.
Him: Holy Hell!

So I gave him something to help him with his eventual SOs (heck, even if it was his plan all along, at least he put effort into it), patted him on the head and sent him on his way.

Over all, it was a very good night.
Heck, it's been a good 7 months.

(I should take a sec to thank anyone who teamed with Rage over the past week -- he definitely wouldn't be close if it wasn't for one heck of a PUG weekend.)
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