October 20th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Hey, Abbott!

Setting the scene: Costello is in IP. Abbott is in Talos along with Leeroy, the team leader, and the rest of the PuG.

Abbott: Where's the mish?
Costello: Board the train.
Abbot: To where?
Costello: To the mission.
Abbott: Where's the mission?
Costello: Board the train.
Abbott: Leeroy, give Costello star to set mish plz.
Costello: Just go to the train.
(Leeroy instead zones to IP, and sets the mission)
Abbott: Where do I go on train?

The above dialog probably seems funnier to me because it actually happened to my Level 24 controller last night. I was "Costello", and "Abbott" was a Level 23 Peacebringer.

:: headdesk ::
stick-figure violence


Looking over the I6 patchnotes... and...

* UI changes to Trade Window. You can now trade salvage and type in the amount of influence to be traded. There is a bug that limits the influence trade to 99,999. This will be fixed.

The rest... meh. Couldn't care. Don't like the new trade UI, really... tried it on CoV, and it made me pull my hair out.

[Edit:] ...Apparently, we are going to stay limited to 99999 inf per transfer. Damn.