October 21st, 2005

Mist Movie Shadow


Thanks for all the help on the Psychic blast bit.

One of my sg mates had 36 dark/psychic person she was about to delete and brought it out to show me what that build can do.


Question though, I am avoiding the boards and to be honest you all are a better source of info than that mess.

in a recent respec I dropped haste/SS/Whirlwind/combat jumping/sj and picked up Hover/Fly/Assult/tactics/Vengeance.

Hover and fly are both 3 slotted and work well enough for me.( I still prefer SJ but we're in the shard a lot now).

My wife and I tested Tactics and Assult and we noticed the difference in damage and acc from those to.
The damage increase wasn't a whole lot honestly and makes me wonder if that power is worth it. The ACC boost from Tactics though, we saw the benifit right away. Vengeance is just nice as my wife dies a lot ( energy / elec blaster.

so on to my question. Does anyone know the base increases for the leadership pool?

Badge Missions

I entered my main into the City Badge Tracker a while ago, and turns out I'm missing four mission badges. I can get Plague Stopper and Frontline pretty easily (I have alts that are the right level, just have to hunt for the missions) but I'd like to get Meteorologist and Bodyguard as soon as possible. So, if anyone in the Freedom server happens to run by the missions: Defeat all foes in weather lab (levels 40-44) or Rescue Rikti negotiator quickly (level 45-50, timed mission) please send me a tell to @Just Leo (toons Doctor Leo, Tanker Leo, Blaster Leo, Blazing Leo).

Character Transfer

From Cuppa:

Original Post: http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=3902476&Main=3902476#Post3902476

Hello folks. I'm very pleased to announce that US to Europe character transfer - the process of moving your City of Heroes character from one set of servers to another - is finally going to be available to players soon. We are currently on track to have this service available before the launch of City of Villains.

This means that anyone in Europe who has an active or inactive account on the City of Heroes (US) servers should be able to transfer their existing characters to the City of Heroes (Europe) servers. They'll benefit from lower ping servers, a fully localised game (French/German) and of course, being able to find teammates at more European friendly times.

For anyone who has already 'made the leap' and joined us on the European servers after playing on the US servers, you will be able to bring your previous characters across to join your new heroes. For anyone who has wanted to join the European servers but didn't want to leave their high-level characters behind, this is the solution.

Now, if you want to stay in the US - that's cool. EU players will be able to purchase US CoV online via the plaync online store when CoV launches but it is your choice where you want to play.

We will have much more information on character transfer available next week, but we wanted to let you know the good news early.

As final details and documentation are still being worked on, we can't answer all of your (no doubt many) questions on character transfer just yet. Please bear with us; we'll answer everything we can in time.

Rest assured though... character transfer is coming.

Thanks for your patience.
Night Spike


Was just looking at my account info...

My version is listed as "Buddy". Mainly because when I started playing I was given a code by a friend to start playing and I downloaded the game from a website.

I know there are some powers/options that are available in the DVD version, so I was just curious if I'm missing anything?


I meant from my "Buddy" version vs. the regular retail version...

Thanks :-D
City of Heroes

Victory SGs

I've been playing CoH for almost a year now, and I'm one of the people who almost continually come up with new things they want to try for characters and therefore have about 8 or 9 different characters at any given time (most of whom eventually end up deleted and replaced with something else). However, I finally have a hero at a respectable level and am really motivated to get a second up there as well, as such, this is the first time since I started playing a game that a good SG has been important, especially with the launch of CoV and the upcoming base option for CoH. I've been members of other SG's with a few different characters, but I have yet to be in one that was very active, or very helpful. So does anyone know of any fun, active supergroups that are present on Victory server?
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