October 25th, 2005


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I hate the time between my account expiring and payday. Looks like a week of Warcraft or Starcraft for me. But on the bright side this weekend everything will come online. Saturday my wife will pick up COV and my game card on her way home from work.
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Is anyone here accessing the test server for coh?

I am attempting to test ED and well, i have no influence.

Id like to transfer enhancement loaded characters to the server but i have no way of paying myself into one character to fully slot up.

so, is there anyone here that is willing to help me?
Puck (silly)

The random invite drinking game!

Get yourself a six pack, log into CoH, and play along. Depending on your character's security level, you could end up with quite a buzz by the end of night's session if you take a drink every time you encounter...

The General: Sends a tell ordering "Come to mish in (zone)!" followed immediately by an invite.

The Salesman: Sends tells while you're already on a team, promising much better XP if you ditch the group you're with and join his team instead.

The Spammer: Sends blind invites until you click "yes" or add him to the ignore list.

The Man of Few Words: Thinks a tell of "hi" followed istantly by an invite isn't really a blind invite. Take another drink if he points this fact out.

The Hypocrite: Sends you a blind invite. When you search for his name, you find his search comment is "No blind invites PLZ."

The Hopeful Newbie: Only sends invites to hereos who are 20 levels or more above him.

The Drowing Man: Sends a tell beginning with "Need help with..." Take another drink if the sentence ends with "...Frostfire."

These are just the ones I encountered last night. Feel free to add to the list. ;)

Teaming and lag issues with Warshades.

I started teaming again with my higher level characters. While I don't have the best computer, it isn't horrible but I found that I had really really bad lag while teaming with some powersets. I tweaked some options to give me faster performance at the expense of pretty scenery and other minor things I can live without. It worked great, even in large teams of 8, until I started teaming with Warshades.
For some reason my comp is fine with Peace Bringers but Warshades just give it fits. I will get so laggy on a team that I can barely see and go jumping all over the place. There is a great delay on everything I try to do and I'm lucky if I get a frame a second during a fight. I rubberband like mad, but it's only around the Warshade.
No matter what form they are in, the powers that they use past 30 make it so I just can't team with them and be any sort of useful. It seems particularly bad when they use the purple balls that whirl around them for protection. (I'm guessing at what those balls do since I don't know the Warshade's powers.)

Does anyone else have this problem?
Is there something else I can do to help this? I have some friends that play 'shades and I would love to be able to team with them again.

Greetings and Hello

Dear rest of COH Community on LJ,

I have recently returned to CoH after a six month break (I only recently found out about the combined rate for both CoH and CoV - its amazing what a hurricane can do to your news feeds). I've discovered that many of my old friends have jumped ship and I am left by myself.

I'm looking for a few folks on the Triumph server that wouldn't mind enjoying some casual play sessions. And who knows, maybe even meet up in CoV.

Thanks for all your help,

Kid Chemical