October 26th, 2005

Scrubs:  Day Off 5

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LONGBOW OPERATION: Statesman’s Strike
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
When Diplomacy Fails

TOP SECRET – Sensitive Compartmented Information – TOP SECRET
OPERATION: Statesman’s Strike
Target Date: 10 / 26 / 2005

We have received confirmation from Manticore about Operation: Statesman’s Strike. The greenlight has been given, and the mission is a go. The Longbow tactical assault teams will launch at 7:00 CST (8:00 Eastern, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific).

Longbow will back up the Freedom Phalanx and take the fight directly to this so-called City of Villains.

TOP SECRET – Sensitive Compartmented Information – TOP SECRET

CoV pre-order

I pre-ordered COV online through CompUSA. I was just wondering, how exactly am I supposed to participate in the 'two-day head-start' when CompUSA isn't even going to begin shipping the orders until 10/31?

Right now all I have is a credit card charged and an email confirmation of my order. The COV website does little to explain how the pre-order process is supposed to work hence I'm left with this question.
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M.A.G.I. : Truth in advertising

The Original Meaning of M.A.G.I.

Our city's own former C.I.A. assassin/reporter, Sydney Katt, has recently discovered an archive photo of the original sign which was honest about what actually happens to magical items in our fair Paragon.
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As promised, I have icon'd the recent joke by [info]Patrick in global about our favorite fetching task. We're constantly being forced to trek from high level zones all the way back to innocent little Azuria in Atlas. If anyone cares for an icon done in more than 5 minutes, or an animated one, just ask.

Eryn straps on a jetpack and flies away.
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(may be considered a spoiler to a mission or two, written by Virii, so expect odd rambling. And some swearing. You can't expect a probably high freakshow to make too much sense, right?
Edit: Pictures are also different sizes.. Dunno why, but yea.)

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I had my empathy defender logged on and I'd just finished using my I5 respec to prepare her for ED when I got a tell asking if I wanted to do the Katie Hannon Croatoa task force. I've been saving a costume spot because I want the hat, so I replied yes and accepted the invite that came. Then I hop on the train from Brickstown and travel to Croatoa. By the time I get there, a full team has been assembled. So we're ready to start the task force, right?

Nope. We can't start because the Level 31 player who formed the team and invited all of us neglected to mention that he hasn't done any of the Croatoa missions yet. He doesn't have the task force unlocked. Neither does anyone else on the team. Half of us had outleveled Croatoa before it was added to the game. The other half of the team is only on the first or second contact. So the Level 50 in the group decides "Let's just work through someone's missions until we can get the TF."

And at that point, I thought about all the ways I could better spend the next four hours. So I said, "No thanks," and quit the team.

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