October 27th, 2005

Night Spike


So I went home for lunch to update so I can play tonight...
This is what my game looks like now...

Collapse )

Anybody else having problems?

Going to screw with it tonight to see if I can fix it...

I think it has to do with the new 3D res slider... When I hit the defaults button my screen looks ok (not great but ok...)... I miss my higher rez tho :-(
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Beacons don't work and they haven't given us our Prestige yet?

EDIT: Just tried defeating some guys to see if Prestige was awarded. The window said yes, but the Super Group's Prestige still says 0. Will wait on CoV release to see if it's changed...

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After going to the message boards, I read a post from Alexa that said something about deleting both checksums for COHtest and COH. What is the point of this? Can anyone explain it to me?
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Scrubs:  Day Off 5

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If you already have City of Heroes and want to ADD City of Villains to the same account:

- Go to your PlayNC account where you should UPGRADE your existing City of Heroes account with your pre-order serial code.

Where is the "pre-order serial code" found ?

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It sits in it's extra-dimensional lair.. plotting. It has summoned it's 'horsemen'.

He was new to Paragon. It began simply enough. He wanted to fly. Not too much to ask for in a city of superheroes. But like any drug, it led to more and more. But this drug was Power. Then it led to a desire for Epic powers, then finally, he wanted access to the Kheldians. He got his wish. Now with phenomenal powers and no skill at using them, he terrorizes Paragon.

the Influence Begger
The Beggar looks like an amazingly attractive woman. She's not. She's a 14 year old boy. She pretends so she can milk Influence from other young heroes. 'Her' classic tactic is to flirt and never claim 'her' actual gender, as the average 14 yr old boy is a tad narrowninded. Something 'she' capitalizes upon.

Greif has quite the pottymouth. His racist, sexist rhetoric and utter lack of tact draws petitions like a magnet. Greif is not a single person. He is a Rudeness Elemenntal. This is why he is always in Atlas. He posesses people, then they are removed by the city council. Yet, there is always another. Hr likes teleporting high-ranking gangers under Atlas, just to watch new heroes die.

¥0uñg 4ñd f00l!$H, H3 $p3ñd$ f4r t00 mu©H t!m3 0ñl!ñ3. H3 tH!ñK$ H3 !$ 3l!t3, but H3 !$ 4©tu4ll¥ 4ñ !d!0t. But 4$ l0ñg 4$ H3 !$ñ't ©4ll3d 0ñ H!$ m4ñgl!ñg 0f tH3 3ñgl!$H l4ñgu4g3, H!$ 4ññ0¥4ñ©3 p0w3r !$ 4m4z!ñg.

the AggroMagnet
Armed with various AoE powers, the Magnet jumps into battle. ANY battle. This tactic usually kills his teammates. Then he yells at the teammates. 'Why didn't you heal me!1!'. He loves doing this to heroes os security clearance 11, as the free revives from the hospital end at security clearance 10.

Thry are servants of It. A villain who makes Arachnos look like a pansy. Sure, Arachnos has managed, ONCE, to strip all the heroes powers. But today, It has managed to force Paragon to temporarily cease. All the heroes were pushed out, using It's six-slotted 'Forced disconnect' power. All the signs were there. Citizens were walking jerky, even freezing in place. Even the Atlas blimp was moving erratically. The heroes noticed, and were standing undr Atlas. Staring up like the world was going to end. Some held up protest signs.. then.. the big black.

And from it's extra-dimensional lair.. Lag laughs..
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Community Updates

Hey gang!

Some updates here from your neglectful moderator!

Following the cityofvillains community, I gave all members permission to tag entries. Adding to the memories was just silly and once it large, was pointless. Tagging is a much better way to organize entries. Essentially tags are keywords for an entry. Along with the ability to tag entries, I added a Tag List to the sidebar of this community. This is a list of all the tags that have been added to an entry. So when you're looking for advice on building a scrapper, you can go to the Tag list and click on "Scrapper builds" or whatever the tag may be.

I left the "Archive" box, but will eventually remove it as those entries get tagged. I can imagine a time when this tag list will just be silly large, in that case I'll link to the tag page (a page dedicated to showing all the tags that have been used), however, until more entries get tagged, I'm leaving it to promo our tags :). Then I'll prolly change it so that it only shows the most popular tags.

Let me quote icanumis on proper tagging since I'm asking the same:

I do ask that you try to avoid adding tags that are redundant and useless. One example is cov and city of villains. Since this community is all about city of villains, it's pointless to add those tags to entries as every single post in the community would have to be tagged with them. Try looking for a tag that fits your entry before creating one of your own if possible and if you do need to create one, make it as specific as possible to help others find your post if they have the same question/problem/etc as you. Occasionally I will skim through the tags to make sure we don't end up with tags for: images, pics, pictures, screenshots, screen shots, scren shoots ... and so on when we only need one.


In an effort to keep an eye on our evil enemy, cityofvillains, I added a link to the top of the layout to it. Be careful when you go there, for they are cunning and will tempt you to join them in their mischief.

Coming Soon:

The new self maintaining Featured Hero tool (so you dont have to wait for me), now with Villain power!


Judas Trigger and everyone I asked to join my super duper team...My game crashed completely and I was unable to hop back on.

Dam you ATI driver! Must I update you every five seconds!