October 28th, 2005

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Ok, finally managed to connect to the EU servers, and now after already downloading 1.6Gb of stuff earlier in the week, the updater now says it's "fixing" a load of files, that it's got 1.5Gb to fix and it's going to take nine hours. Is this happening with anyone else?

EDIT : there's been a major cockup with the I6 majorpatch (on the EU servers at least), details here -


SO basically, even though I downloaded the I6 patch, it needs to download the whole thing again and patch as it goes along, which it says will take fourteen hours. Whoopee. I'll have spent over a day downloading stuff for this by the time it's over.
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Because the PrintScreen button is your friend.

Because pairing screencaps with semi-witty captions is always amusing, I present 'FOR THE HORDE!!'.  ...A fancy name for my unloading of various and asundry CoH 'caps onto my poor unsuspecting friendslist.  And because only 2 people on said flist plays CoH, I decided to share them here, because, well, all of you play CoH.  (they're assembled as links, so no worries to those of you with slow connections.)

Meet the characters and my weird-ass sense of humor: FOR THE HORDE!! I
The sequel to FTH!! (I'm still trying to find out how to make a FTH!! prequel): FOR THE HORDE!! II

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A dark day at Icon...

Has anybody noticed some serious changes in the availability of certain combinations of costume options?

A lot of the makeup options are removed if you have pointed ears. The dragon bracers and cloud bracers aren't available as options if you wear a jacket or vest (even if it's sleeveless). I noticed this when I took my ice/ice blaster to Icon last night to play around; she currently has some of those options as part of her main costume (specific makeup and the dragon bracers), but making any costume changes would force her to default to different gloves and remove her eye makeup (the latter of which is currently negligible because she's had electric eyes since level 30, but still...).

Is it just me? Is this a known issue? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. If it is, mea culpa.

(no subject)

ED gave me more freedom with the build on my Blaster.
ED gave me more slots to throw around on my Scrapper as well as more Endurance to play with.
ED made me feel less gimpy on my Warshade, as three slotting wasn't a disadvantage to six slotting (well, not much now).
ED broke my Empath.

Ehh... guess it balances out, just wish I got her to 50 first. Still, Global is nice... when they implement it. <_<
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Bring on the Bad Guys

My preorder disk worked great and the new patch loaded quickly last night. I took my 34th level Rad/Rad Defender into Warburg (which was interesting though I'm not 100% sold on free-for-all pvp) and took my 16th level MA/Inv Scrapper to Bloody Bay. I BB much better, the PVP elements should be very cool and is goal oriented with a proper reward. The Shivans are spooky and cool and the zone has a good feel to it.

I'm looking forward to getting my villains going tomorrow.

Ganking sucks

This a message to all the a-holes that stand with a full group on the beach in Warburg and kill off solo heroes. This is not bravery, this is not a challenge and this is not fun. It is called ganking and it is griefing. Yes, woohoo, your team of 8 can kill one solo hero without much trouble, how "heroic of you".

Yes yes, I can teleport pass the idiots. But that does not change the fact that these guys are a-holes. I am not against PvP, but ganking is lame. Who's with me on the "gankers has small penises" campaign? (yes I assume all gankers are 14 year old males, bite me).

EDIT: ok to make a few things clear

1. Warburg is a free for all zones. Not villains in the game yet. I am talking about heroes.
2. PvP is fine, Ganking isn't. Dying in pvp is fine, and i don't give a damn since there isn't even debt. Ganking is annoying.
3. When a group stand at the beach in Warburg and pick off every hero that gets out of the water, it is ganking.
4. Attacking people that you know have no way of fighting back is not a challange or fun.
5. Yes this is PvP, BUT, this is a game, Not Iraq. as such I expect that people will play somewhat fair. This is not a real war. People are here to have fun.
6. If someone first exprience to PvP is being ganked, most likely he will forever hate it. Bad for the game.
7. Ganking is a tactic as much as spawn camping is a tactic.


Hello i'm a new comer to the community but I've been playing for about a year or so, I have 2 main characters.

Illusion Control / Empathy
Server: Champion

Quantum Rex
Gravity Control / Kinetics
Server: Champion

I hope to talk to you guys soon.
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Warburg PvP: One man's observations

Spent a good deal of time doing some good old fashion PvP in Warburg, here's what I noticed.

Let me note, I played in the arena once in WoW, and several fights when the arena was first added to CoH. Then I played in the CoV beta player vs villain fights. That is the extent on my PvP experience. I am by no means an expert and I still have a lot to learn.

First, almost all the PvPing was occuring right outside the safe zone. This is not to just pick off solo players or noobs not knowing better. There are many reasons why this is a good place to stage your fight. First, it is the shortest distance to the hospital, so when someone or yourself dies from your team, you can get right back in the action. Second, when multiple teams are really upset because not only are you holding them, but you keep healing your teammates, and they start coming at you with a vengance anytime you're near, it helps to have a safe place to retreat nearby.

When talking to the contacts there, one of them very clearly states in red that while the missions are not PvP, they are in a PvP zone, so you will most likely encounter PvP and if you don't want to, don't accept the mission.

As far as PvPers blocking the way of those that want to explore or do missions there, that's like saying the rebels couldn't get off Hoth (or that for some strange reason they had to fly past that one part of space where the empire was). I mean, its a big map. There's a lot of ways to go around.

Not once while in the fights was I able to tell if someone was on a team or not. There were times when I thought I had figured it out (actually, there was a FF and tank that travelled together), where a few people would be beating on me, and I figured they were teamed, but then as my body was flattened, they would turn on each other. There were times where I thought someone was solo (because they were by themselves), so I figured, I'm a weak controller (meaning I'm not slotted for damage in the least bit and had 1 power total that did any damage, and even with the double dmg while held, i couldn't kill a blaster before he came out of the holds), I'll give it a shot. Then a minute into the dual, their entire teams pounces on comes out of nowhere and pounces on me (or at least I think it was his team). This happened a lot.

My tank has been horribly gimped since I last played her (long ago). I started to use her in PvP, but after seeing how weak she was, took her to missions, then realized she was weak all around. I know there's been some gimping all around, but there were some really strong tanks while PvPing. In fact, most of the players seemed to be tanks and scrappers. Next were blasters, but they seemed to either stay in the air, hidden, or zooming around with SS (which I adopted as my method of defense). There was a handful of defenders. Some Rad ones were standing their ground well. FF ones were upsetting the tanks and scrappers, especially with the bubble that pushes people around. Then I think I saw maybe 2 other controllers out there. Over the course of 3 hours or so.

I thought it was fun once I had teamed up. At first I thought it'd be really mean and tough. Then I teamed with a small group, who, after taking out a defender trying to snipe us, invited him to our team. Then I realized that its all just fun. It happened again later where a group a partner and I were fighting (2 on 4 and we were holding our own), invited us to their team. As long as there is that kind of respect going on, and that its not too rare, I'll keep playing PvP.

BTW, he seemed to be a pretty decent player, but his build also seemed pretty tough. Ice Blaster. Watch out for them ;)
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Illusion controller

I made a Illusion/Emp because my level 50 is a Empath Def and i missed her, so i could have something new and old. Well now I dont really want to do Empathy anymore. But i do want to keep the Illusion.

So for those who have tried this primary, what are your thoughts on pairing it up with the 2ndaries you can.

cost posted

Ok I think I added CoV preorder instead of upgrading many many moons ago when the preorder first came out before I recall ever seeing actual instructions. I'm not sure how to tell though. I do have seperate entrees on my account management screen for CoH and CoV preorder. I have emailed customer support. How do I tell if I upgraded or added?
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CoH Updater for I6

Is it supposed to be stuck in a loop? The updater's been checksumming, updating, fixing files, then repeating the cycle over and over. I can't tell if it just has several cycles to go through, or if it really is stuck in a loop. The CoH board advised deleting the Checksums from the CoH beta updater and the CoV. Was that a good idea, or should I restore those checksums (which I'm not even certain I deleted correctly)?
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cross server inf trade?

Does anyone have lowbies who need inf on Guardian and highbies on Victory and/or Freedom who could spare some?

I didn't think smart when I made alts on different servers than my main is on, and they're at DO level and broke :/

I'm on @Naeko tonight if you're on. :)
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(no subject)

So the first door mission locks the client in Villains.

Friends in Heroes are reporting locked clients on their missions too.

AND, they are taking the boards down for maintenance!

HA. Oh well. I'm glad that these guys know how to bring a product to market. They seem to operate under the vaporware scenario that Microsoft dreamed up years ago.
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Being sent to PvP zone

So after I6, my favorite contact sent me to a PvP zone. It is true, it is exactly like the Hollows thing. The guy is right by the entrance, and you have a 30 seconds PvP-free stay anyway. Once you talk to him, you are free to go on with your PvE life.

Since the villains were having a day off, I flew around a bit and looked at the zone. There are random criminals, and hero NPCs. That was so cute, retarded heroes in red and white uniforms patrolling the streets. I assume there are arachnos NPCs at the other end of the zone, but I didn't venture that far. Took down the occasional yellow criminal, alone or together with the hero NPCs. They do assist if you get close enough, but they aren't very proactive.

While there, I got a tell from a fellow hero. At level 24, he had got a boss at the end of his mission that he couldn't possibly take down. The guy was yellow to me at 27. What's up with that? He must have been purple to the poor guy with the mission. After we took him down, I went back to the normal zones. I can't see myself hanging out in a PvP area, even as a hero. But at least it was a pure HvV scenario, not a free-for-all zone.
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