October 29th, 2005

Pai Mei


So, last night I'm having dinner with a couple of friends. The topic of CoV comes up, and between myself and another friend, we developed the arch-nemesis of one of my favorite mains, Doc SCIENCE!! (yes, it's supposed to be that way).

Behold, the evil, villainous... INTELLIGENT DESIGNER!

I built him as a Mercenaries Mastermind, though I might reroll him as something else. Naturally, he would head up his own villain group in a sick parody of the Doc's defunct SG: The Misfits of Creation (the Doc originally headed the short-lived Misfits of SCIENCE!!)

Future members would have to include:

Fort Jesus - Brute, probably SS/Inv for simplicity. This alone would probably get us in trouble, but it's a worthwhile joke amongst my group of friends here in Austin.
The Evangelist - Corruptor or Dominator, most likely. My original name idea was Pat Robertson, but that'd DEFINITELY piss someone off, I'm sure.

I'm sure I could come up with more, but that's the best I got for now. Feel free to chime in with suggestions. Or tell me I'm going to Hell.
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I signed up for six months of the comic while waiting to connect this morning ("Connect #144" and counting, unfortunately).

All part of their evil plan, no doubt.
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I've just discovered the fun and not-listed emotes...laptop, slap, batsmash, drumdance, etc. Where can I find a list of them? I was told that there was a list in this community awhile back, but I haven't been able to find it.
Puck (silly)

Hami Raid and the Avon Lady

I participated in my first Hami raid last night with my Level 45 scrapper. I died several times during the mito phase from Hami's AoE, but I didn't really mind because a lot of other people died too. Unfortunately, the hold phase began just as CoV opened up for preorder play. So many people bailed from the Hive that there just weren't enough controllers to get Hami held. So after a half hour of trying to beg people to bring more holding power to the Hive, the leader called off the raid. As I logged off, the Leeroy who'd been doing his utmost the whole time to disrupt the raid was attempting to rally the other idiots into launching an all out frontal assault on the Hamidon. May they all rest in pieces.

On another note of aggravation... the make-up option my scrapper used for her costume has been dropped from the list. As a result, Icon now wants to charge me 75,000 minimum for a change in the face settings in order to use my 4th costume slot. Since the only reason it has to change is because they ganked the available options, I find it majorly uncool that I now have to pay 75k for new lipstick and eyeliner the first time I want to edit any of my costumes.

Bend over for E.D. Bend over for gankers in Warburg. And bend over at Icon. I6: Along Came a Proctologist.

Strange error

I participated in CoV beta without much trouble, downloaded the 1.6 G I6 patch without much trouble and could play CoV last night and early this morning before the maintenance period. The CoH site said that all of the servers were up so I tried to log in, but it gave me the database error. Fine. I tried a bit later and it started to fix bin.pigg. It got almost to the end and then gave an error that that file was already open so it aborted. I deleted the checksum file and tried again. The updater checksummed and then started to download bin.pigg and then crapped out at the end like before.

Any suggestions? Like I said, I was able to run CoH after the I6 patch and CoV since the head start began.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It turns out there was a leftover CoH process running. I killed it and everything is working just fine now.

Geek Heaven!

Advantages to having a GF on the CoV Streetteam

Several posters saying 'JOIN LORD RECLUSE -It's only a crime if you get caught.'
Several sets of stickers with Recluse, Widow, Scirroco, Mako, and the rest of the team.
A Recluse CoV mousepad.
A CAPE! :)

I'm in geek heaven!

Crossposted.. guess where..
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damn it...I'm a moron.

So I completely geeked out and bought City of Villains 15 minutes after my store received the shipment. I knew that I wouldnt be able to play until Monday since I hadnt preordered...but I still wanted to load the game and see if i could play with the character generator.

After screwing with it for 4 hours today, trying to make sure that I had all of the right drivers, making sure all fo my programs have proper updates, blah blah blah, I start posting on forums.

Finally someone tells me that I didnt even need to buy the discs since I already own City of Heroes..I could have just downloaded a patch...

When I installed COV, the installer told me the safest option was to install it in the same folder as COH.

Installing the COV discs corrupted my COH files. I had to uninstall both programs and reinstall COH. After uninstalling, i realize the COH disc isnt next to my desk. After tearing my room apart for close to 2 hours I finally find it. Yesss.

Yay, now I get to wait for 6 hours while all of the patches and updates download. I hate being retarded.

I did all of this for a computer game.... I believe I have outgeeked myself.
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Almost goodbye

Bleh. Well, it may be that my time on CoH is at an end. Ever since I6 was released I've been unable to get it to work. I get sound just fine, it's not locking up, but the log in screen is just black.

Dealing with tech support now for the last couple days and have already gotten the download new drivers answers and done so. Now I wait and see if they go beyond this.

Midnight Mystic might be stuck forever at level 40. I just wanna say, this sucks.
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More Bugs in Issue 6

Crossposted to cohbears:

1- Bugged missions. I did two missions today in Warburg where it was "escort the officer to the exit" and we did that and the officer would not exit. Grrr... no badge... story line ruined.

2- Debt!!! PVP Hero vs Hero is 'pose to be debt free. But when I exited Warburg I got 20,000 debt.... I was not defeated by any NPCs or anything. Just - here's your debt. Bugged. Now that I think about it I think it came from Illusionist pets in PVP!

3- You can't level exemp someone on a PVP map. That means when you enter the mission it's set to the max levels since you usually have level 50s in your team, and there's no way around this because you can't exemp them before going into the map.

4- Lots of the missions have the bugged mission star. That's where the red star follows random team members on the map.... annoying when you are doing a patrol and need to know where the next star is.


5- Oh I forgot a very important one: Assist targetting doesn't work in PVP. So if you are like me and rely on assist targetting for your powers to work (tranfusion, transference, syphon power, syphon speed...) you can forget using your powers. All I get are "invalid targets" since assist targetting doesn't work in PVP.

6- Tabbing to select targets doesn't work in PVP either.