October 30th, 2005

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Well, I got the game running. Yay me.

To celebrate I went to Icon to poke around with a new costume idea. However, when I got to the belt part I noticed there were no longer any tails. Umm. Anyone know what gives? Midnight Mystic has always had the lizard looking tail and if I can't have it in a costume any more I guess Icon is getting no more of my influence. I know they've made some changes, but doesn't dropping tails seem a bit. . .extreme? There's lots of us out there with characters who, well, have always had them as part of the character's backstory and so on.

Need a new home?

The PACK Supergroup and it's nemesis The Pack of Evil is currently recruiting!

Visit us at www.bittercupojoe.org/pack or send a tell to @karina!

Information Snippit:
On Virtue
Active since issue 1, with experienced members who have been active since beta
Active members located globally (mainly across the USA, with a handful of members in Europe, and Australia)
No level requirement for main played character
Dedicated Teamspeak server (TS participation not required, but recommended)
Currently searching for active players who enjoy the game and player interaction

X-posted on cityofvillains

Respec, just a little bit...

Note: all of the following is only about PvE.

Well, I finally respeced my 43 Empathy/Energy Defender for ED. I tried to do it on Test first, but the lack of influence, and lack of enough folks to team with, made it impossible to really create and test a new build away from Live. Maybe someone can suggest how I can compensate for the issues I've run into.
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Warning - buying prestige

Just a heads up. I've heard several people saying they've lost large sums of influence attempting to use the feature whereby you're supposed to be able to buy prestige with influence. Allegedly, the Supergroup representative at City Hall has been happy to take the influence but doesn't grant the prestige. So if you or someone in your Supergroup is planning to do this so you can start building a base... be careful. It might be best to test it first with a small transaction before attempting one in the millions.